Top production houses in Delhi: Creating corporate videos

You may be running a small or medium business and is interested to take it to the next level. If so, then you should consider creating a corporate video. Corporate videos are considered to be excellent weapons to promote your brand. They can offer diverse aspects to your marketing efforts like credibility, emotional impact, engagement, etc.

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What should be part of any corporate video?

  • Call to Action: The video’s CTA takes viewers directly to a specific place like your company’s official website. Hence, it is CTA that converts lead derived from the corporate video. Viewers are encouraged to take proper action. Include CTA in the video while posting it on the different social media platforms. Otherwise, including CTA within social media captions might not be noticed by your target audience. Besides this, the CTA is likely to have a greater impact if the viewer goes through your video until its end.
  • Good length video: The ideal length to create a marketing video is under 1-3 minutes. It should be short, be crisp in its message, and assure continued viewer engagements. Knowing being closer to the video’s end will allow viewers to be more attentive and interested in what is being offered. The top production houses in Delhi can help create corporate videos of the right length.
  • Proffesional Thumbnail: Thumbnail for marketing video is very important, even it ‘s the most essential part when it comes to grab audience attention. create thumbnail for every video with high quality images , so people can realted that what they going to learn or what they will get after clicking to this video.
  • Powerful message: Here, ‘powerful’ does not necessarily stand for larger-than-life or awe-inspiring. Instead, it should be simple, important, and clearly understood by your targeted audience. For instance, you may desire to emphasize that your brand is more about people. In such a case, this should be a clear theme throughout the video. The whole thing can be sealed with your company slogan.
  • Subtle Sales: All sales-related messages should be kept subtle unless creating some deliberately promotional video. However, the production experts, at times, do not recommend including any subtle sales message in the corporate video. The reason is people might love your video, but get put off immediately if they find even a small hint about sales. The fact is sales tend to break the spell cast upon with great effort. Also, you lose that big impact if they are still there especially when the video does not require them. Again, without having sales messages, it becomes possible to develop brand awareness and customer trust. Less distraction will only mean more focus on your video.
  • Professionalism: You need to create a professional corporate video, be it something serious, for fun or anything in-between. The reason is you are telling something about your business to your target audience. Hence, this message should be conveyed seriously. Therefore, to stay professional, the best video production companies suggest highlighting the following:
    • How you treat all your employees.
    • Smooth company processes
    • Excellent customer service

At the same time, they also suggest avoiding a few things such as:

  • Alluding to mistakes
  • Showing laziness
  • Using offensive language

Professionalism when displayed at all levels can help boost brand credibility. It also enhances chances of getting approached by potential clients, investors, etc.

You are to consider the above checklist to ensure creating corporate videos that will successfully promote your business.

You should analyze your requirements first and then establish contact with some of the companies. Pay attention and see if they are eagerly listening to your side of the story. They should be asking questions to you in a bid to obtain information about your target audience. After this step, they should start discussing the specifics of the project.

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Taking a careful approach

You should research and find out companies with a market-oriented approach. They should let you know about innovative tactics which will be able to successfully communicate your message.

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