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Popular Tools to Boost Your Instagram Marketing Game

The opinions of entrepreneurs Contributors are entirely their personal opinions. For companies that run marketing campaigns using social media, or influencers seeking to increase their fan base and attract clients, simply being a well-known account not enough. Instagram tools are a necessity if you wish to get noticed with the Instagram platform.

A successful web presence that is social requires solid analytics to guide your strategies, as well as a robust technology that helps keep your content up-to-date even when you don’t have time to write and publish it on your own. Your business is distinctive and so is your target audience. Therefore, not every company can benefit from each Instagram tools listed here. In fact you may require just some or two Instagram tools to meet your objectives. Three metrics which are important No matter what your company’s sector or goals the three main things you must be focusing on, regardless of what is the consistency, engagement and outcomes.


Find out when your customers are interested in seeing posts, usually at least every day and sometimes more and then create a schedule of postings that are at the speed they’re used to. This lets them know that your brand’s credibility is assured and also keeps your brand in the minds of people as often as it is possible. The automated publishing tools can aid you in this.


Your followers need to be heard and Instagram is among the most active users on the web. If you’re hoping to have an Instagram account that is successful it is essential to remain active. Follow people, follow them back, and like their posts and mentions and make sure to respond to their feedback on the posts you make. There are programs in this list that can assist you in creating meaningful connections with your followers, which will increase brand recognition and loyalty.


Social media is always evolving and evolving. Performance metrics are a crucial method of determining what your users love and how their opinions are shifting, and what you should do next. Analytics tools can provide information that will aids your company’s future and current social media’s success.

1. FansLeap

The numbers are the rule of the game in Instagram marketing as FansLeap has proven to be an expert in this space. It’s simple and is ready to aid your business in growing through an effective data-driven strategy. Utilize this tool to find out more about your target audience including when is the best time to contact your audience, their most-loved content and the most popular filters. Be ahead of the pack with data that shows the best practices and what’s not.

2. Later

Later lets you keep track of your content using publishing calendars that update automatically on the date and day you set. It allows you to create all of you content during the week (or even for a month) with the help of Later’s performance-based guidelines and let later handle the rest. This Instagram tool is also compatible with Pinterest which is ideal for companies working with budgets.

3. Rival IQ

Be aware of your competition with Rival IQ. The tool offers detailed information that will help bring your business up to the top of the pack and stay it there. Establish benchmarks that are based on your competitors’ benchmarks, and monitor your performance in real-time.

4. Short Stack

Engagement is the purpose behind making use of an app such as Instagram to engage with your target audience. Engaging your followers through providing them with regular rewards is an effective method to build brand awareness and recognition. Short Stack will get people paying attention and discussing your company by automating the management of content.

5. Phlanx

Phlanx is sort of Tinder with influencers. When you join Phlanx companies are able to access a marketplace of Instagram influencers and influencers are able to connect with companies that are hiring. You can look up the profiles and stats of each other. Contract templates are accessible in Phlanx’s resource library. Additionally, businesses can access all the details they require to pick the most effective influencers to help make their campaigns shine.

6. BuzzSumo

If you’re looking to monitor your company’s reputation, locate leads, and generate buzz for the brand you represent, BuzzSumo is the right app for you. BuzzSumo is a tool for social listening that alerts you whenever your business is mentioned, or when someone shares your website. By linking this tool to your Instagram lets you to participate in the conversation around your company right from BuzzSumo’s platform, which makes it simple to seize every opportunity to earn another following.

7. Revive Social

Revive Social is among the most effective Instagram tools for companies that might already have an archive of content however are strapped for time. If your business is having trouble keeping up with Instagram expansion, Revive Social can help in the creation of content. It will automatically go through your old posts in search of relevant popular content and then you can repost them. This helps you save time on creating content, and ensures that more people will see posts that are relevant to your brand.

8. LastPass

Cybersecurity is getting more difficult and more challenging, with new issues appearing every day. Making sure you keep all your passwords for social media accounts in order (and it is a must to have a distinct secure, safe password for each) is a major troublesome task. LastPass is secured, thanks to its ultra-secure encryption and data storage features which keep everything together and safe from hackers.