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Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 1335 Easily: 4 Solutions

Facing Windows Error when you try to update QuickBooks? Seeing cabinet file issues? All these issues fall under the shadow of QuickBooks Error 1335. It is a basic error and with our article, you will easily be able to troubleshoot the QuickBooks Error 1335. Just spare us your few minutes & learn everything about this error.  

QuickBooks Error 1335: Introduction 

QuickBooks Error 1335 occurs when the cabinet file ( for ongoing installation is damaged or corrupt. Also, the cabinet file (2) needed for this installation is also not usable. QBs Error 1335 is a Microsoft Windows error that happens while updating the software or repairing its installation. In this article , you can also read to know more about freshbooks vs quickbooks.

You might get these following Microsoft Windows errors when updating the QuickBooks software or repairing the QuickBooks installation:

  • Error 1335: The [] cabinet file needed for this installation is damaged and is not usable.
  • Error 1335: The cabinet file [2] needed for this installation can’t be used.

Causes Of QuickBooks Error 1335

Some causes that trigger QBs Error 1335 are listed below.

  • You need to assure that the software CD has no dust & scratches as they may cause issues in reading.
  • You need to clean the CD softly & then retry the installation.
  • Installation problems occur due to insufficient installation memory settings in the system.
  • The system requirements of the PC for QuickBooks software installation & refer to the Microsoft knowledge base on modifying these settings.
  • You can disable some software temporarily. It includes anti-virus software at the time of QuickBooks installation.

Fix QuickBooks Error 1335: 4 Quick Solutions

QuickBooks Error code 1335 can easily be resolved by following the solutions below. But before carrying out the below solutions, remember to have a full backup of all your important files to prevent any data loss in the near-future. For doing this, read the instructions below.

  • Firstly, open the program QuickBooks.
  • Then click on File.
  • Moving on, tap on BackUp Company.
  • Click on the option Create a Local Backup.
  • In a few seconds, you will get a backup of all your important QBs files.

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Solution 1: QuickBooks Install Diagnostics Tool

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Intuit and look for QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool Download. 
  • After downloading, open the exe file and start the installation wizard.
  • Now, click on Next & accept the terms & conditions. 
  • Follow the screen guidelines and wait for some time.
  • Lastly, tap on Finish and you will get the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool.
  • The tool will auto-detect and diagnose the errors in no time.
  • Save the file on your desktop.
  • Run the tool now.
  • Now, go for the option “I have problems installing QuickBooks.”
  • Tap on OK.

Solution 2: Repair QBs Error Code 1335 Manually

If the error still persists even after using the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, you can try to resolve the error through the below mentioned steps.

  • Get a hard drive installation of the QuickBooks software to copy the installation files & folders from the QuickBooks CD to the hard drive & use the copied files to install the software QuickBooks from the hard drive.
  • If you continue getting errors from the CD on a second PC, the CD might reduce in size. You can download the software QuickBooks & then go through the software QuickBooks from the hard drive via the copied files.
  • If you are still getting these errors, then clear out the temporary folder and reinstall it.

Solution 3: Windows Update

  • Firstly, tap on the Windows Start button & then click on the Control Panel on the right side.
  • Choose Windows Update & search for it in the search bar from the top.
  • Within the panel on the left side, choose the option Change Settings.
  • Now, select Install Updates Automatically (Recommended) within the Important Updates section.
  • Next, activate the option “Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates” within the Recommended updates section.
  • Lastly, hit OK.

Solution 4: Fix The Cabinet [] File Manually 

  • Firstly, use the Windows +R keys to access the Run Window.
  • Type up msconfig within the Run box & hit Enter.
  • Go to the tab BOOT.ini & from within the Advanced section choose /MAXMEM=check box.
  • Modify the value to 256 and process forward.
  • Tap on apply within the System Configuration Utility & then Restart your PC.
  • Lastly, install & update the software QuickBooks & repeat the steps discussed above to unmark the /MAXMEM= box once the error is resolved.
  • Moreover, you can also terminate all such kinds of errors by diagnosing the Microsoft .Net Framework, & MSXML Components. 

Final Say!

This article is an informative guide for all the QuickBooks users looking to counter QuickBooks Error 1335. From basics to detailed solutions, everyone will easily get to know everything about this error. We hope you are no longer facing any such QuickBooks-related errors. If you know to know important points to sell junk car.