What Makes Cocoa Beach, Florida an Irresistible Destination for Beach Enthusiasts?

Cocoa Beach is a vibrant little beach town on the Atlantic seaboard of Florida just south of Cape Canaveral space station. It is a famous destination for beach lovers especially surfing enthusiasts but it has loads of recreation and entertainment for everyone who visits this lovely place. 

Any Cocoa Beach vacation is always going to be a wholesome experience with the wonderful spread of entertainment and recreation options. These include water sports and adventure, deep-sea fishing, live music, shopping, and a never-ending list of food journeys. 

For those who want to try out surfing and other waterborne adventure sports, there are professional trainers and guides available to help you learn the skills at a reasonable cost. 

Kayaking on the Thousand Islands of Banana River is another experience that most adventurous visitors, try. The Banana River Aquatic Preserve is a sanctuary for birds and aquatic animals, many of which are rare and endangered.  

The other attraction, especially for surfing enthusiasts and those who are interested in history, is the Florida Surf Museum at Cocoa Beach. 

Another amazing place to visit in Cocoa Beach is the Helen and Allan Cruickshank Sanctuary. It used to be a turpentine mine and farm and is now an environmental preservation work in progress where large raptors come to nest.  

If you are based in Florida and have been asking, “I am looking for vacations near me for the whole family,” think of Cocoa Beach. 

Don’t miss the world-famous Cocoa Beach Pier 

One of the most iconic landmarks on the eastern seaboard of Florida is the Cocoa Beach Pier stretching over 800 feet across the Atlantic Ocean. 

It has a lively festive environment with gift shops, food outlets, and plenty of fishing opportunities even for those who have never fished before. 

Some of the bars and restaurants offer an excellent view of the surfing activity on the waves not far away. The Cocoa Beach Pier attracts over a million people every year. 

Include a visit to the historic Cocoa Village 

Cocoa Village is another historic destination that you should include in your tour itinerary. Vacations to Cocoa Beach are not complete without a visit to the Cocoa Village. 

This village was founded in 1860 and there is a lot to see, experience, and buy at this lovely shopping and entertainment destination. 

When you stroll around the palm-lined streets of the village, you will come across historic buildings like the Cocoa Village Playhouse or the Porcher House among others. 

Kennedy Space Center is just 40 minutes away 

The laid-back charms of a beach destination are usually not spoken in the same breath as rocket science. At Cocoa Beach, it’s a little different. 

The visitor complex of the Kennedy Space Center run by NASA is just 40 minutes away from Cocoa Beach. You just cannot miss that when you are here. 

From the historic spacecraft of earlier generations to the US Astronaut Hall of Fame and a lot of other memorabilia, there is much to see and learn about the country’s space exploration history. 

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