League of Legends Leak Reveals New BotlanerNilah

A new League of Legends leak just dropped,pointing toward a botlane champion named Nilah.

The latest League of Legends patch was released a few days ago. The patch introduces a brand-new champion, Bel’Veth, several balance changes to heroes and items, and some bug fixes. League account owners will also enjoy new cosmetic items. However, rumors are going around about the next champion to be released, Nilah, as well. In League of Legends’ season 12 reveal video, they mentioned that a unique botlaner would be released later this year. Subsequently, there have been several leaks about the identity of this new botlaner. This has led people to speculate about the new champion’s origins and her abilities.

Nilah and who she might be

Leakers recently revealed that the next bottom lane champion will be named Nilah. There are no details yet about her origin or lore. These same leakers have already shown the first glimpse at the champion’s design. Nilah seems to have brown skin and long tied hair in a circular loop. She looks to be wearing an Eastern-inspired monk outfit with a yellowish color with a little bit of armor in some parts. However, her feet up to her legs seem to be heavily armored. An orb hangs from her belt, which looks like glowing water. Her weapon of choice appears to be a sword with the same water from her belt as its blade, which extends to become a whip-like weapon.

Based on the design, Nilah could be from Ionia. Her outfit is similar to other Ionian champions, which draw their aesthetic from Eastern countries. The leaker speculates that she could be from a race called the “First Enlightened Mortals.”

Nilah’s Possible Kit

Riot Games also released their Champion Roadmap last April, which included a section titled “A Joyous Occasion” that spoke of “a colorful but deadly stranger who came to Runeterra from a land across the seas.” This is speculated to be Nilah. In their Champion Roadmap video, they also included an image that looked like a splash of water from a distance, but upon a closer look, it showed multiple hands in different directions with different colors. The Joyous Occasion story stated that Noxians were killed after hearing sounds of water splashes and joyous laughter. All this information and the leaked design have led leakers to believe that Nilah’s abilities could involve water manipulation.

Leakers also speculate that Nilah could be a melee champion from her design. Her whip-like sword might havea mechanic that increases range. Playing her in the bottom lane as an ADC will be a different experience than traditional bottom lane ADCs. It could also be possible that Nilah is a Fighter champion who resists a good amount of damage and dish out the same level of damage to her enemies. Although a melee ADC is not unique to players opting to go Yasuo ADC, having Nilah’s kit geared towards being a melee ADC could open more gameplay possibilities and synergies. 

Other guesses to her kit involve the image from the Champion Roadmap video, which shows multiple hands in different directions. Some suggest that this could hint at a possible martial arts technique combined with the element of water, offering a kind of Avatar, The Last Airbender style of waterbending. This theory still alludes to Nilah being a melee champion in the bottom lane. It would be cool to see a martial arts champion that imbues their technique with the elements. 

When will Nilah be released?

Leakers speculate that Nilah will come with patch 12.13 or 12.14. The latest patch to be released is 12.11, while patch 12.12 is said to drop late in June. Patch 12.13 is rumored to include a Star Guardian event. Given that Nilah is speculated to release around that time as well people have suggested that she will release with a Star Guardian Skin.

Hopeful for Something New

With League of Legends’ statement in their season 12 revealing that the botlaner will be a unique champion, fans look forward to fresh game play in the bottom lane as an ADC. If she is indeed the new botlaner, given her design, a new dynamic in the bottom lane could emerge, shaking up the meta. Her melee aspects will be a fun tactic to explore. There are many possibilities with her design. League of Legends account owners will be pleased with the possibility of something unique in the bottom lane.

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