OSRS Barrows Guide

A general guide to the Barrows minigame.

Side activities and minigames in MMOs have always been, and Old School RuneScape is no different. Old School RuneScape has a couple of minigames that are good for collecting OSRS gold and other items. The “Barrows” minigame is one of these that offers some decent rewards while also being easy enough to complete.

Even though this is considered a minigame, it still requires combat, and you can die. But while it may seem complicated, it is easy to understand. Once you learn this minigame, you should get around 12 to 18 runs per hour. Depending on gear and level, you might be able to get even more.

Let’s jump into everything you need to know to complete this minigame.

What is The Barrows Minigame?

The Barrows minigame is based on combat with multiple bosses to reach a chest. There are 6 bosses in the Barrows, known as the Barrows Brothers. Your main objective is to kill the bosses, enter the hidden crypt, and take their OSRS items. To encounter each boss, you will need to use a spade on one of the six hills to enter their tomb.

One of these tombs will have a hidden passage to the crypt. This crypt is a small maze-like area with locked or unlocked doors. You will have to find the right path. This area is randomly generated each time you complete it. Your main goal is to make it to the center to reach the treasure chest for the rewards inside. The trunk has some valuable OSRS items and OSRS gold.

Barrows Brothers

As I stated, there are a total of 6 brothers. You don’t have to fight all of them to complete this minigame, but the more brothers you defeat, the better the rewards. They aren’t particularly hard if you know what to expect and are prepared. Each one has a unique passive that you should be aware of.

  • Ahrim the Blighted – 20% chance to decrease your Strength by five levels for each hit.
  • Dharok the Wretched – Does more damage based on missing health.
  • Guthan the Infested – 25% chance of getting health back on 100% of the damage dealt.
  • Karil the Tainted – 25% chance to lower your Agility by 20% on hit.
  • Torag the Corrupted – 25% chance to lower your energy by 20% on hit.
  • Verac the Defiled – 25% chance to ignore protection prayers and defenses.

Requirements and How To Get There?

The only requirement to access the Barrows minigame is first to complete the Priest in Peril quest. You have to complete this quest if you want to enter Morytania. This is also a members-only location, so free players won’t be able to access this area or minigame.

There are several ways to reach the Barrows location.

  • Casting Barrows Teleport
  • Using a Portal Nexus
  • Running There From A Nearby Location

Strategies and Tips

The Barrows is a simple combat minigame, but there are still some strategies and tips one should note to get the most out of it. Let’s start with the recommended prayers. It would help if you had “Protect from Magic” to use against Ahrim to negate his damage. The “Protect from Melee” prayer should be used against Dharok, Guthan, Torag, and Verac. Karil uses ranged attacks, so “Protect from Missiles” is essential here.

Killing all the bosses increases your reward potential of finding one of the set items in the reward chest. Killing enemies located in the crypt can also increase the reward potential. However, it is essential to have a reward potential between 86% and 88% when you open the reward chest.

Lastly, be aware that your prayer points will decrease over time whenever you are underground in the Barrows. Your Prayer points will significantly decrease depending on how many of the brothers you have defeated. Each brother beat will drain it by another issue. So, it is best to make sure you have OSRS items to replenish your Prayer points and keep an eye on them in the middle of battle.


After opening the chest, you will receive numerous rewards from OSRS gold, runes, and gear. The most significant rewards are the gear sets that the brothers wear. There are a total of 6 groups, and each set has 4 pieces. Wearing a complete set will grant you the passive that brother had. For example, wearing Verac’s full set will grant you the chance to ignore defense.


In short, the Barrows minigame is quite simple and can be completed very quickly if you are high-level and have the best-in-slot gear. If not, it may take a little bit longer, but shouldn’t cause much of a problem for most people. Doing Barrows runs is a great way to earn a good amount of OSRS GP per hour. It also has the added benefit of having good gear sets.

Are there any other tips you have about this minigame? Share them in the comment section.