FFXIV’s Blue Mage Battle Royale Looks Interesting

Being an idea, for now, it could be a whole different thing upon release

FFXIV’s PvP modes leave a lot to be desired; however, the success of Crystalline Conflict gives hope that it’ll be more attractive in the future. According to a recent interview, the development team is playing with an exciting idea. While it’s not at all related to earning FFXIV Gil, it’s looking mighty fun just from the description.

Blue Mage Battle Royale

The idea is to put Blue Mages together in an arena. They then have to build up and learn skills to avoid or take out their fellow mages. The last mechanic is the constricting play area; you’ve got a battle royale to look forward to.

Note that this is only an idea. The team is brainstorming, which would probably take a different form once it’s released. It might not only involve Blue Mages in the end. Still, it looks like an excellent idea, and it highlights one of the most ignored FFXIV classes.

Why Blue Mage?

Blue Mages have an unorthodox playing style that’s somewhat intimidating. Instead of learning spells as they level up, they get abilities by copying enemies in combat. There are hints in the Blue Mage Spellbook where to find these abilities, though it isn’t always guaranteed you’ll learn the skill.

As a limited job, Blue Mages are subject to many restrictions. Still, it’s an exciting class, way outside the normal ones. They have access to spells no other job can use. Some of them can be more powerful than others can do. Learning the skills can be an adventure to be experienced and cherished, and you can only have it when using the class.

Anyway, it’s perfect for this kind of game mode. Battle royales always have an element of randomness from each round. You might have a gun (ability, in FFXIV) this round, but you’ll find a totally different one the next. Sometimes you get caught up in the danger zone, and you might fall to something silly at others — sky’s the limit as to what can happen.

Other classes will have to restrict their skills and unlock them somehow on the map. The team would have to pick and choose which skills from each job to restrict and open, which can be a nightmare to balance.

Sticking to one class is a good idea and cuts down the complexity of the game mode. That’s why Blue Mages are perfect — they have a great variety of skills, and all they have to do is put ability-teaching enemies on the map along with the mages. Resetting the spellbook is easy enough, and in the case of many players, it’ll be empty anyway.

Battle royales can be over pretty fast, so the method of gaining abilities might be slightly altered for the mode. Still, think of the challenge this kind of PvP can bring. You’ll have to be creative with the abilities you gain and do some quick thinking to keep in the game.

Blue Mages Might Get the Spotlight

As a somewhat ignored class, it’s nice that the devs are still thinking about Blue Mages. Many players pass over it because of its restrictions and limitations. It’s nice to see it getting some focus, even if it’s a nebulous idea for now.

Blue Mages should have a spike in popularity if this PvP mode ever gets released into the wild. At the very least, it can spark interest in the class. Nothing could be done for all of its restrictions and limitations, but players will be more willing to try it outside the game mode. Though activities will be severely restricted, it can be a nice break from the other classes’ mechanics and play styles.

Blue Mages are a versatile class able to fit in any position in a party. Okay, it depends on what abilities they’ve learned. Still, they have that kind of flexibility. They have a class-specific activity in the Masked Carnival, and it’s always a solo event. They can clear up to 31 tough and challenging battle stages with all the spells in their repertoire.

Collecting spells can be quite a chore, but it can be worth it. You can do that while earning FFXIV Gil, so you’re not too bored with the grind (though traveling around can drain what you just made). The wiki says they can even learn from the Primals! Can you imagine being able to use Garuda’s Feather Rain or Ifrit’s Eruption? Getting these into your spellbook can take a few tries, but it’s worth it.

What do you think about this kind of game mode? Are you willing to try out being a Blue Mage now? Do you think it will be a popular game mode, or will it flop? Share your comments below and keep on enjoying Final Fantasy XIV!