Best Handy Tips to Keep Your PG Room Spick & Span

Are you moving out to the new location and finding the PG accommodation? If yes, this journey may come with lots of troubles. In a nutshell, leaving your house, family, and shifting to a new place is not going to be an easy job. But at the same time, one also has the excitement of moving to a place. However, one always feels protected with their family. But this relocation means that now you are independent and you have to manage your tasks on your own. 

Again, living in PG can be frustrating unless you keep it spick and span. In PG, you get a small space in the room and you have to make this room attractive so that it gives optimistic and energetic vibes. So, it is clear that your room can influence you in positive and negative ways. By considering this fact, we have come up with some tips that help you to keep your room tidy and clean. Let’s check out this one by one: 

The List of Cleanliness and Managening Tips that you can follow if you are living in PG

  1. Comprehend Your Room

First of all, understanding the room is the most important as it may help in arranging all the belongings in the room. This understanding task should be done prior to cleaning and organizing the items. However, you can also check out the online platforms for this such as Instagram and Pinterest but note down that not all the rooms are similar. Isn’t it so? If you have congested space, you can organize and plan out things accordingly. But if you reach out to Settl, you get your hands on a full big size fully-furnished room with all amenities. As a result, there will be no shortage of space in your room. 

  1. Hygiene Washroom 

You should keep your washroom hygiene especially if you have attached a washroom in the room. You should keep it clean and fresh similar to your room. In several PGs, there is regular cleaning of washrooms such as Settl never compromise on cleanliness be it washroom, room or kitchen. We have trained housekeepers professionals who are experts like the back of their hands.

  1. Always Put Away Food Timely

Leaving the room with half-eaten food always takes out all the freshness from the room. Always pack the open snack items back and store them in an air-tight container. Note down that, if you prefer eating food in the dining area, it’s much better and keep your room spick and span. 

  1. Addition of More Colors & Lights 

Who doesn’t like the room filled with a bulk of colors and lights? It offers quite positive energy and a sense of satisfaction in the room. In case, if your room encompasses a balcony or window, allow them to fill the entire room with light. But if the room is without a balcony and window, you can use a mirror that also plays a significant role in brightening up the room. Addionally, you can add some motivational message written frames on the wall. 

  1. Smart Storage Strategy 

You can get some medium-sized storage containers to keep the things packed and organized in the room. However, if you buy the hangers for the clothes, you may have more space in the room to keep other kinds of stuff. Isn’t that great? So, be ready and visit the local market to buy the hangers and storage containers today. 

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The Bottom Line

We have demystified all the tips on how to keep your room Spick & Span if you are shifting to PG for the first time. Last but certainly not least, you can add the below-mentioned things to your list as well: 

  • Sanitize your surfaces
  • Keep your footwear properly organized
  • Put your dirty cloth in one bucket rather than hanging them on the wall.
  • Always keep your bed organized. 

If you follow all the above instructions to keep the room clean, living with your roommate may become easy for you. If you are searching for a hygiene PG, reaching out to Settl is the best possible option for you.