A Complete Guide to Use Multiple Monitors with Windows 10

Are you feeling overwhelmed about how to choose and arrange a multi monitor setup? After all, there are multiple monitors to review including deciding whether to go for more than two monitors. Either way, you can find more details on some of the best equipment in the industry for your ultimate 6 monitor setup. From there, you can plan ahead according to your budget and requirements.

Designing and Assembling Your 6 Monitor Setup

Before you do anything, consider if you want to use your multi monitor system for work only or if you want to include entertainment. This could mean gaming or watching movies. For this, you’ll need a more powerful graphics card to ensure a high quality image with higher resolution.

Once you know your basic needs for your 6 monitor setup, you’ll need to work through the following points:

  • Computer requirements
  • Cables
  • Choosing your monitor screens
  • Display settings
  • Customise

Computer Requirements

It’s worth verifying your own computer before you rush out to buy a new one. Most computers have integrated graphics cards, or a video card, that will produce the images across your multiple monitors.

Then again, you might need to get a discrete graphics card to avoid buying a new laptop or desktop and if you want to design your specifications. You can choose from top brands such as NVIDIA or Radeon to support your 6 monitor setup visuals.

Of course, you also want to make sure you have a good RAM and CPU of at least 3.5Hz to 4Hz. Many 6 monitor setup users find that 16GM of RAM is enough. Nevertheless, 32GB is better if you want to view movies and start playing games.


If you buy a complete set of new equipment for your 6 monitor setup, you can plan ahead for your cables. Otherwise, you can easily get some conversion cables to connect your ports, for example, DVI to HDMI or DisplayPort to DVI, for example.

Take note though that VGA is an analog connector. So, it will cause a performance drop that’s best to avoid if you can. Although, converting this to DVI will help your image quality overall.

Whilst it might sound like a small point, cable management can enhance your overall experience with your 6 monitor setup. After all, imagine having the best equipment surrounded by a jumble of cables? Instead, you can easily get some ties or pipes to hold your cables together.

Choosing Your Monitor Screens

Whether you want dual monitor setups or to go all out with a 6 monitor setup, you’ll need to consider screen resolution and refresh rate. Most users choose either 1080 pixels or 1440 pixels for their multiple monitor setups. In terms of refresh rate, a common one to choose for your monitor screens is 60Hz. This gives you good value for money with perfectly adequate image quality.

Of course, if you’re gaming, you might want to look at getting a higher resolution of 2160 or 4320 pixels along with refresh rates of 144Hz or higher. Again, this comes down to how you want to use your 6 monitor setup.

Display Settings

Once you’ve connected your 6 monitor setup, your computer should pick up that you have extra monitors. If not, you can go into Display Settings and set up your monitor screens accordingly. In windows 10, you can simply click on “identify” such that your computer picks up your monitor screens. This is also where you can make sure that the settings match whatever orientation you’ve chosen for your screens regardless of whether that’s in a horizontal or vertical orientation.

Then, make sure your resolution is set either to the recommended 1440 or whatever specification your monitors have. Although, note that you need the appropriate graphics card to power that resolution.

You then have a choice to extend displays or duplicate displays. Extending the displays across your 6 monitor setup means that your screens act as one large monitor. On the other hand, duplicating everything means that each screen copies the other one. This is useful for conferences, for example, if you want to portray your company images across a large room.


Working with a 6 monitor setup becomes more fun when you make it your own. So, for example, you can do small things such as setting up your wallpaper to be ultra-wide so it goes across the whole setup. You can also arrange your taskbar either on one screen or turn it off completely.

Shortcuts are also very useful to manoeuvre around your multiple monitor setup and will save you time. There are various apps you can download although a commonly used one is DisplayFusion.

Final Recommendations for Your Awesome 6 Monitor Setup

You’ll never look back once you get your extra monitors. It’s much easier to connect monitors together and customise your displays than you can imagine. Essentially, your computer already detects most things for you, including extra monitors.

Simply make sure that you have the right specifications for your needs, especially with regard to your graphics card. Then, it’s just a question of choosing your monitors, getting the right cables and arranging your screens in whatever orientation works for you. After that, you’re all set to enjoy your amazing 6 monitor setup.