Is amazon fba still effective in 2022

Pricing is everything

Amazon has a reputation for the best deals in the market. That is why people prefer to shop through Amazon. Every seller on Amazon tries selling at the best possible price to attract more and more customer to their product. Sellers may benefit from using pricing tools to evaluate their individual seller plans.

Customers is the king to Amazon

Amazon is a company that puts customers first. If you do not have satisfied customers, you are in trouble. Amazon understands that customer satisfaction is the key to success for any business, including Amazon sellers. 

Its all about Product Images

Images are crucial for selling products on Amazon. They are the first thing a potential customer sees and they can make or break a sale. Images can be the difference between someone scrolling past your listing to find another seller’s listing or them clicking through to your product page to read more about your product and make a purchase.

Amazon has strict guidelines for images. Product images must be high quality and must not contain any text, watermarks, borders, logos, extra graphics or inset images. All products listed for sale on Amazon must adhere to these rules and sellers who do not comply with these requirements will be subject to penalty (which could mean your account being suspended).

Here is a quick checklist to help you ensure that your product images meet Amazon’s rules:

Images should have a plain white background of the image.

Image quality should be clear and crisp, with no pixelation or blurring.

Image file size should be 10MB or less, although 2-6MB is preferable.

Images should show only one angle of the product and should not include any props or accessories unless they are specifically included in the item listing.

Product name and color (if applicable) should be clearly visible in the image.

The full product should fit within

Proactive Inventory management

As an Amazon FBA seller, you must keep in mind that your inventory is the most important aspect of this business. Your inventory management is crucial in determining the success of your Amazon FBA business.

The quantity of the sale depends on inventory. If you have low inventory, it will take a longer time to sell. The key to successful inventory management lies in an analysis of your sales history. This would help you manage your inventory level well in advance based on its sales history and meet the demand and supply.

Amazon FBA is a highly profitable business model if followed correctly and with proper planning. With the right set of skills, one can expect to make a lot of money out of their Amazon FBA business.

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