Why Can’t Arlo Camera Connect to Base Station

I am trying to install an Arlo security camera in my home. I wish to install it with an Arlo Base Station. But it does not get connected to the Base Station. I need some assistance to get the issue resolved.

 Is this situation similar to yours? Are you also facing issue connecting the Arlo security camera to the Arlo Base Station or SmartHub to complete the Arlo camera setup? If Yes is your answer right now, then you must have a look at the solutions that have been listed in this very article. 

Here we have penned down the best possible solutions for connectivity issue between the Arlo camera and the Base Station. Read them, apply them and get the devices connected by getting rid of the obstacle.

How to Fix Arlo Camera-Base Station Connection Error?

This section will walk you through the fixes that will help you out. Ensure that you are reading each fix thoroughly before you apply it.  Here are a list of solutions that work effectively to sort out connection problem between the Arlo devices:

1. Get the Devices in Range

Arlo camera and the Base Station, both these devices must be in range of the WiFi router. You must check the distance from the WiFi router and ensure that the devices are within the coverage range. In case they are not in the range then unplug them and get them closer to the router so that they can easily get the internet signals. You should also make sure that the router that you have installed is working fine. See to it that there are other devices in the home that can connect to router’s network with no issue at all. By any chance there’s internet connectivity issue then get that fixed first.

2. Bring Devices Closer

Both Arlo devices i.e. the camera and Base Station must be able to communicate with each other smoothy. How will that happen? That will happen if they are placed closer to each other. In case the Arlo camera is placed at a distance with the Base Station then you need to reduce the distance separating them now. However while reducing the distance make sure that you are not placing them very close either. Choose an optimal distance.

3. Add Base Station to Account

Have you added the Arlo Base station to the Arlo account? Looks like you haven’t and which is why you are stuck with the issue that’s troubling you right now. Log in to the Arlo account on the app or use web interface and add Base Station.

4. Consider Power Supply

Are the Arlo devices receiving a consistent power supply? Are the devices fully booted up? Check this now! Because if not, then they can’t get connected with ease. Can they? So, check the power supply to both the devices now. Arlo camera blinking orange light is an indication that there’s an issue with the power supply or the batteries.

You may need to replace the batteries or charge the Arlo camera batteries if there is any issue or the batteries are discharged. Check the power socket used in supplying power to the Base Station. Plug it into another socket and ensure that the power cable isn’t loose or damaged.

5. Reboot the Devices

In case you are not able to get the devices connected even now, then you should reboot them. Power off the Base station and the Arlo security camera for some time. Take the batteries out from the battery compartment. After some time, insert the batteries, plug in the Base Station and power the devices on. Try connecting them now. The connection should no more be a trouble for you.

6. Reset the Base Station

Is the connection still not happening? You are left with the final resort that is to reset the Base Station to the factory settings.  Use the Reset button and get its factory settings restored on it.

Wrap Up

Once you are done resetting your Arlo Base Station or SmartHub, ad it again to the Arlo account and then try connecting to the Arlo camera. We are sure that you’ll not face any trouble this time since you’ve given a fresh start to the Base Station.