Vegan Tattoo Ink

What Is Vegan Tattoo Ink? Benefits And Best Ones To Choose

Tattoos are a beautiful way of self-expression where you can symbolically or through some quotes, reveal your personality.

But how safe are they?

Are you a vegan and skeptical about getting a tattoo artist? There are several things involved in the tattooing process, such as transfer paper, ink, razor, and aftercare products like Inkeeze.

What is vegan, and what’s not always a big question?

We mean, who wants that when they practice an utterly vegan lifestyle and the skin consists of gelatin or the bone char.

That’s where the concern about vegan tattoo ink came up, and to your surprise, most tattoo inks earlier were not vegan.

What is a Vegan Ink Tattoo?

When no one was aware of the difference between vegan and non-vegan, even the companies chose to keep the ingredient list a big secret!

And the regulatory bodies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration never bothered to inspect these products till the time there were a few alarming issues about the use of these products.

After the world came to know about animal products in the making of tattoo ink, companies started waving off such ingredients and started opting for an utterly vegan-friendly Tattoo ink.

People are now quite clear about the choice of vegan and non-vegan, and that’s why many leading companies are making vegan Tattoo ink, which is free from all unsavory or animal products.

How To Differentiate Between The Vegan Tattoo Ink And The Regular Ink?

As per a professional study, it is evident that the black ink used for tattoo art consists of bone char, and that’s debatably the largest culprit to prepare a non-vegan ink.

There are also ample other ingredients that comprise animal remains such as glycerine that stands as a stabilizer or the gelatin, connective tissue from cows and pigs.

Further, there is Shellac or the crushed beetle shells that bind the ink in the right proportion. If your tattoo artists use this type of ink, it fits the pure application of non-vegan ink.

Now let’s talk about the significant components of vegan tattoo ink. It makes use of carbon or uses that results in a deep black ink color along with the vegetable-based glycerine and the ethanol.

This is the basic differentiation for standard black tattoo ink. For other types of tattoo inks, vegans need to study or ask their tattoo artists about the liquid concentration used for binding the powder to prepare the ink.

However, animal products like bone char have become minimal after the people’s awareness and influence towards vegan tattoo ink.

Even the artists prefer buying vegan ink as it reduces their hassle of switching tattoo inks multiple times.

Vegan Tattoo Ink Is Not Necessarily A Very Safe Option

In an argument about whether the vegan ink is safe or not, it is evident that it is a better choice due to the natural components.

As per the statement given by a globally famous tattoo ink company, vegan ink is suitable for retaining your immunity, but there is no actual evidence.

If you are using a vegan tattoo ink, it merely eliminates the use or application of any animal-based products to your skin.

All types of tattoo inks contain some chemical components that are peculiar in both vegan and non-vegan products. Health risks associated with the presence of Shellac can lead to dermatitis, but there are many other risks relevant to non-vegan and vegan products.

Hence, in a few cases, there might be adverse outcomes from both types of ink.

Few types of tattoo inks might contain carcinogenic chemicals, and the ink particles get stuck in the lymph nodes, which lead to infections, allergic reactions, and autoimmune diseases.

Although these reactions are rare, ink’s chemical components result in a problem and not the animal products.

Can Vegan Tattoo Ink Fade Out Fast?

Whether the tattoo is vegan or non-vegan, it can stay for throughout life. However, few tattoo types might fade over some time.

With the right amount of aftercare and protection, you can secure your tattoo for a long time.

An excellent plant-based sunscreen can work well in this case, and you can also add some more products as per the suggestion of your tattoo artist.

But the vegan tattoo ink does not fade quickly in comparison to the animal product-based inks. Also, the durability of the tattoo depends on the choice of tattoo ink.

Advantages Of Using Vegan Tattoo ink

Multiple advantages of vegan tattoo ink make it a preferable choice for all those who wish to restrict animal cruelty.

It is an excellent option for all those who want to opt for a vegan lifestyle and avoid all types of products that contain animal remains in it.

By choosing a vegan tattoo ink, you eliminate the use of harmful glycerin and Shellac that are responsible for several skin-related diseases.

Many leading tattoo ink brands have already started producing vegan tattoo ink, and even the tattoo artists worldwide are switching to it.

However, you cannot be sure that you have a vegan tattoo ink as there are multiple processes that tattoo artists go through while making a tattoo.

Hence, you need to confirm the moisturizing strips, transfer paper, lubricants, soaps, and any aftercare products.

If any of them are non-vegan, it might contradict your choice of a vegan tattoo. Many tattoo studios are also following policy to ensure whether they are offering a completely vegan tattoo or not.

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