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5 Reasons Why Dubai Desert Safari Should Be On Your Bucket List

Conquer Dubai’s red sand beaches with a desert safari tour with Desert Safari Dinner Deal!

Dubai is built on the motherland’s oil profits. Dubai screams in luxury. A young emirate is full of glittering skyscrapers. Architectural wonders entertainment venues and shopping centers But besides the glamor and glamor, There are also ancient deserts and ancient Arab lifestyles. This side of the Emirates promises adventure, intrigue, and a chance to see what is. So what is Dubai all about?

1. Dubai’s desert landscape is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

 Dubai’s desert landscape, like a blank canvas, is the perfect medium for your creativity. Many photography enthusiasts take advantage of the glittering sunsets and undulating dunes. It provides excellent image composition that is comparable to desktop screensavers. You might feel like you’re on another planet when the hot sun hits the sand and creates a red color similar to that of Mars. The desert is even more beautiful at night when the clouds open up into the starry sky.

2. Choose your adventure

The vast desert is your playground. With many activities, You will have a memorable time. Hop on the 4×4 and experience the dunes. Adrenaline-pumping balance test where the car will run up and down steep dunes Next is sandboarding. This activity tests your balance as you slide down steep dunes. You may roll or roll around. Both of which will create funny videos. Optional activities include quad bikes, horseback riding, and camel riding during the holidays.

Suppose you like the chaos of pounding dunes. It would help if you liked quad bikes. Hop on a quad bike and hit the desert like a pro. Horseback riding and camel riding are more relaxing activities. The animal guides are there for your safety as you roam around the tour area, whichever you choose. You will get great pictures. from the guide back home for sure.

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3. Ancient and Abundant Arab Art and Culture

at night You will be taken to a Bedouin camp for dinner and entertainment. Here you can find the Arab culture from hundreds of years ago. Both the theatrical, colorful and mesmerizing performances. Watch belly dancers take to the stage with snake-like hips. A talented girl spins her skirt to perform a folk dance called Tanura. And villagers who spitfire to show their mastery of the elements.

While there, You can also get tattoos made of henna, a reddish-brown ink used to draw temporary tattoos on the skin. Choose from a collection of designs or create your own with an artist. And then enjoy the art form for a few days until it finally fades.

4. Dine like a king in the unlimited BBQ dinner buffet.

Spices and meat are two of the essential components of Arab cuisine. You will find a buffet dinner safari in the desert. You can find open grills lining the campgrounds To prepare all kinds of grilled meats to satisfy your appetite. A plate full of fresh fruit is ready. It’s cut into pieces for you to chew on while cultural performances are on the way. This delicious Arabian flavor is perfect after a day of adventure and fun in the sun. End your dinner with a cup of traditional Arabic coffee and sweets. Or choose to eat shisha to cleanse the belly that is too full.

5. Once in a lifetime, wild animals are rare.

Meet the UAE’s national bird, the falcon, during your desert safari! Falconry, or training, is a traditional sport in the United Arab Emirates. It is considered a high art form in Emirates culture and has been included by UNESCO on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2016. This falcon was used for hunting in modern times. Before, It is currently trained for sporting events and cultural purposes. Falcons take their falcons to a desert safari for selfies and shows. So don’t miss a selfie with this majestic bird of prey!

Other local animals can be seen all over the desert. Keep an eye out for the Arab Oryx. Meerkats emerge from marsupials, owls, and diverse flocks of birds. The desert is considered a conservation area. Therefore, close contact with animals should be avoided as much as possible.