Wavlink Extender Not Working After Firmware Update [Solved]

The world of networking is ever-growing. It means there are infinitesimally small as well as major changes occurring there. With that said, companies that bankroll various networking products introduce firmware updates for their devices. It is because installing the latest firmware on the device means equipping it with those features those new devices entering the market possess. It means no matter whether you have done a Wavlink WiFi extender setup or have installed a range extender brought in by another benign organization, consider keeping its firmware updated. But, it looks like you are having a problem following a firmware upgrade. Is your Wavlink extender not working after firmware update?

By any chance, if your extender is in a non-working condition post firmware update, a walk of this troubleshooting guide is what you need. But before that, we would like to make you aware of the fact that the firmware update is a time-consuming process. It may eat up your few minutes right from the downloading of the firmware update file to the rebooting of the extender. Thus, you must let your extender reboot after uploading the firmware file and reach any conclusion after that. However, if your extender is anyhow not ready to get back to work, try the following fixes.

Fix: Wavlink Extender Not Working Post Firmware Update

1. Check the Power Source

Did any power outage occur during the extender’s firmware update process? Yes? Well, you’ve just figured out the reason behind the Wavlink extender not working after firmware update issue.

Know that any power interruption in the extender’s firmware update may result in an incomplete process and hence issues similar to the one you are currently experiencing may arise. Therefore, pay some attention to the power source and check for any damages. If there is any, put another wall socket to use and see if you get lucky this time.

2. Upgrade the Firmware Again

To get success with the extender’s firmware upgrade process, you are supposed to upload the correct version of the firmware file. Chances are that you did not pay heed to this precaution and uploaded the incorrect file on the extender.

To turn the table in your favor, you are required to carry out the firmware update process again. But, this time, be sure to upload the correct firmware file. It must be matching the model number of your extender. And yes, ensure not to interrupt the process this time. To compensate for power outages, use a UPS. If the Wavlink extender not working after firmware update issue is still adamant to leave, give a shot at the next hack in line.

3. Reconfigure the Extender

Reading this point means your extender has suffered great hardware damage due to an interruption in the firmware upgrade process. But, keys are always manufactured before locks. To cope with such kind of situations, reconfiguration of the extender is required.

But, you can only reconfigure the extender after resetting it. Thus, perform a factory default reset of your extender by pressing the Reset button located on its rear panel. After that, you need to do the Wavlink extender setup either via the WPS approach or using the manual method.

So, these were the Wavlink extender troubleshooting tips that will help you make your range extender operational again. Considering that you’ve installed the extender from scratch you are supposed to carry out the upgrade process again. The next section highlights the correct steps of installing the latest firmware version on your WiFi device.

Steps to Do Wavlink Extender Firmware Update

  1. Firstly, ensure that the extender is getting a fluctuation-free power supply.
  1. Create the extender-router connection using a network [preferred RJ45] cable.
  1. Once done, lay your hands on a computer or laptop.
  1. Visit wifi.wavlink.com using an upgraded browser and log in to your device.
  1. On a new tab, search for the latest firmware file as per the extender’s model number.
  1. Download the file and save it at your favorite location on your computer/laptop.
  1. Go to the tab where you just logged in to the extender.
  1. Click Setup > Firmware Upgrade.
  1. Upload the firmware file and wait.

Within a few moments, the firmware of your extender will get upgraded successfully. And yes, this time you’ll no longer complain about the emergence of the Wavlink extender not working after firmware update issue.