This will never happen! Events that will not happen in world football

The unpredictability of football is a well-known fact that there is absolutely no reason to doubt. History knows the memorable sensations that took place in the largest tournaments. But now it’s not about them. Therefore, he will not brush off the dust of history from them and bring white light to light – let them remain in the historical annals. If you’re interested in betting kenya, 22Bet website is definitely for you.

Now I want to talk about something that will never happen in football and under no circumstances.

Neymar will never win the Ballon d’Or

The Brazilian striker of Paris Saint-Germain is already 30 years old. On the fourth decade, he went, we recall, on February 5. Despite his years, existing merits and regalia, Neymar, oddly enough, is still considered by many to be promising. They continue to expect something incredible and really significant from him. However, various national team titles within France remain its maximum, which, if you are a player of such a club as PSG, then it’s somehow worthless to brag, as well as a continental victory with the Brazilian national team in 2019 and the “gold” of the 2016 Olympics. Note that the Brazilians and Neymar won both trophies at home tournaments.

Mbappé and Haaland will never play in the same club

Now the 23-year-old Frenchman Mbappe defends the colors of PSG, and, as you know, he does not see himself in the future in the camp of the Parisian club. Everything goes to the fact that next summer he will leave the French capital. Rumors and various insiders link Kilian in the future with Real Madrid. Galaktikos is also credited with a strong interest in 21-year-old Haaland, who, we recall, plays for Borussia Dortmund. Also this summer, the striker will be able to leave the Bumblebees for 75 million euros – this option will be activated in his contract.

Both Mbappe and Haaland want recognition, fame and achievement. Both team and personal. With their big personal goals, they won’t reach them side by side. And team successes will never block personal triumphs. Therefore, these forwards will never play together for the same team.

Guardiola will never become Real Madrid manager

Josep Guardiola, 51, is a native of Catalonia. It is no wonder that Guardiola began his coaching career at home – in Barcelona. More precisely, at the head of her double. However, a year later, in 2008, he led the first team of the Blaugrana. With it, he won a total of 14 trophies, including two in the Champions League. Josep then coached Bayern Munich and is now led by Manchester City.

He is a manager of more than a top level, who in many ways fits the ambitions of a club like Real Madrid. However, the appearance of Josep Guardiola on the coaching bench of the Santiago Bernabeu hosts is 200% excluded. Don’t forget: he is a Catalan!