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Modern Technology Used by Certified Home Inspectors in Fort Worth

Modern technology is now taking over every business sector at a rapid pace. The real estate businesses and home inspection companies have also been dragged under its influence. Many things that were considered impossible before are now possible. This has significantly improved the ability of humankind to achieve its goals with as much ease and efficiency as possible.

The home inspection sector also moved from using good old hardware tools to modern infrared, LED, and electric devices. The old tools are still important, but their usage has been minimized significantly.

Modern technology has drastically enhanced the accuracy, productivity, and efficiency of the inspection process. All the best home inspectors in Fort Worth rely quite a lot on modern devices and software. Let us discuss some of them in detail.

Computer Software

Many home inspectors now use computer software to automate and schedule appointments. They also use software to improve the quality of the images and capture high-definition videos. There are also some applications that contain templates for the inspection reports. Such programs and software increase the efficacy of the inspection process.

Not to mention, nearly all the Certified Home Inspectors in Fort Worth now have their own websites. You can visit the websites to gain information about the services, package plans, and sample reports.

Thermal (Infrared) Imaging Cameras

Thermal Imaging cameras detect defects in narrow and hidden areas that are otherwise not visible to us. It captures the infrared radiations and creates an image that reveals many hidden issues of the house based upon its thermal properties. By using this camera, home inspectors can easily detect hidden moisture, mold formation, water intrusion, poor insulation, hotspots, plumbing leaks, energy loss, and many other important issues. Hence, it is a very important device and is highly recommended to professional home inspectors in Fort Worth.

Temperature Guns

Temperature guns make it possible to measure temperature with absolute accuracy and precision. These guns also use infrared technology to determine the issues in the performance of different home mechanical systems and appliances. The working of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, plumbing, home energy system, water heaters, and many other appliances can be checked using this infrared gun.

Temperature Guns

LED Scope Video Cameras

These LED Video Cameras allow the home inspectors to capture pictures and record videos in areas that are not easily accessible otherwise. They also come with modern WIFI technology and a torch.

Current Testers

Electric voltage ad current testers are quite essential devices for home inspectors. They provide an accurate assessment of electrical drops, main panels, branch wiring, service distribution, GFCI outlets, and many other components of a home’s electrical system.

Moisture Detectors

Detecting water leaks and intrusion is an important part of any home inspection process. This device lets you detect moisture that can lead to long-term damage. It is a digital device that shows the presence of moisture to the home inspectors.


Drones are not just toys for kids. They are quite an essential part of the home inspection process. They allow you to capture unsafe and inaccessible parts of the roof. This way you can analyze hard-to-reach areas without any problem. These drones also let you ‘zoom in’ and ‘zoom out’ of places. However, drones can only be used by home inspection companies who hold FAA Part 107 Un-maned Aircraft License.

3D Imaging

High-resolution 3D Imaging cameras are the true embodiment of every home inspector’s dreams. This camera can be used to take 360-degree images and videos.

Radon Testing Equipment

Radon gas rises from the soil due to the decay of uranium and then accumulates in the house. It has no smell, taste, or color so it cannot be easily detected without using special equipment. Radon Testing Equipment is ideal for testing the presence of Radon gas. Many certified home inspectors in Fort Worth use this technology on daily basis.


Most of the certified Mold Inspectors in Toronto now use modern technology. You can always visit the website of the company to see what kind of services they offer and what methods they use to examine the house. If the company you are looking at uses most of the devices given above, then you should hire them without hesitation. We are sure their reports will be comprehensive, reliable, and quite informative. TexInspec is also one of the best house inspectors in Fort Worth that use modern infrared technology and other devices to give a safe, non-intrusive, and precise report of the condition of the house. For more information regarding services and inspection reports, you can visit their website.