Radon Testing

All You Need to Know About Radon Testing in Maine

Maine is a beautiful state in the northeast of the USA that is best known for its rocky Atlantic Coast and ample fishery. It has constantly secured the position of the “#1 Safest State” in the United States of America. Hence, there is no doubt that it is a great place to live with a family. Who wouldn’t wanna buy a house there? However, just like any other place, houses in Maine can also become a hub for radon gas accumulation. 

Is Radon A Problem in Maine?

It is not about Maine or Texas or even Massachusetts. When it comes to radon, the location of the house does not matter at all. No matter where you live, radon gas is found everywhere. It is released by uranium during decay. Uranium is found in nearly every kind of soil, and consequently, so does radon. When radon gas is emitted from the soil under the house it rises and enters the house through small cracks and holes in the foundation. It can also enter through other small spaces in the pipes and pits. After entering the house, the radon gas stays inside and starts accumulating. High levels of radon can cause many diseases for the residents of the house. It is one of the major reasons behind the increase in the cases of lung cancer in the USA. 

Is Radon Testing Required in Maine?

According to the United States, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) radon testing in Maine should be done at least once a year. Since radon is found everywhere in outdoor and indoor air, it accumulates over time and rises to a dangerous level. The radon levels in the house should be fixed if they are between 2 pCi/L to 4 pCi/l (picocuries per liter). 

Radon testing in Maine is necessary. According to a survey done by EPA, every year there are about 21,000 radon-related cases of lung cancer. If you want to keep yourself and your family safe from such biomedical harm, you should not avoid radon testing Maine.

How Much Does A Radon Test Cost In Maine?

There is no specific cost for radon testing anywhere in the United States of America. Each home inspection company offers its radon testing services at different rates. The cost of radon testing in Maine may range from $140 to $750. The cost of radon testing is different from the cost of its mitigation. Installing a radon mitigation system can cost up to $1000. It may sound expensive, but if you want to stay safe, it will be worth it. 

Maine Radon Testing Requirements:

Maine Bureau of Health recommends radon testing for all buildings in Maine irrespective of their type, size, and location. Maine regulates require you to start radon testing with the lowest level of a building, such as a basement. The lowest level of a building usually has the highest level of radon gas. For those who want to sell their house, the Maine law requires them to hire a registered service provider for radon testing Maine to test the levels before giving it to the buyers. Moreover, the radon test (air or water) must be done by a trained testing contractor and not a layman.

How To Prevent Radon Gas Accumulation?

The best way to prevent radon gas accumulation is by maintaining a proper ventilation system. Opening windows and doors once a day is a great way to ensure a good passage of air. You should also consider sealing the entry points and cracks in the foundation.
You can also seal the access points around the doors and windows with rubber seals. Some people also install underfloor ventilation and radon sumps to get rid of radon gas inside their houses.

Radon Mitigation System:

Radon is a dangerous gas, but do not worry. It can easily be removed from the house by installing a radon mitigation system. The mitigation systems use a fan to pull contaminated air from the soil and release it outdoors through an exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe is perfect for releasing radon gas into the air away from the windows and other openings. 

Radon Inspection Services:

Main Choice Inspection is one of the Maine radon testing companies that offer services for radon testing in Maine. Our registered and trained radon testing experts use special equipment and modern technology to test the levels of radon gas inside your house. Other than radon testing, we also provide standard home inspection services, mold inspection, septic inspection, and termite inspection services. So, whether you want to conduct a presale home inspection or maintenance home inspection, you can contact us to hire our services. Our inspectors will not leave any stone unturned during the and home inspection provide you with the best services possible. For More Information about real estate visit here.