Study Space Ideas for Your Kid

If your child needs a study space, consider investing in some colorful decor for the room. Bright, bold colors can motivate your child to concentrate better. Choose bright furniture and wall paint in a neutral color for a kid-friendly study space.

Children are naturally creative, so make sure that the study area reflects that. Then, let your child help you design and decorate the room. Including him in the process will put him in the right mindset to get his work done.

Personalized Touch

Adding a personalized touch is important when decorating a study space. You can choose a personalized piece for your child to add extra charm to the room. Use a monogrammed letter of the child’s initials or paint the room in a favorite color. The right lighting can make the room seem more inviting. Try to use multiple sources of lighting, including desk lighting and direct lighting. The lights should be bright and not too dim.


Choosing an appropriate backdrop is vital in creating the right atmosphere. A neutral background will allow for the addition of seasonal accents and an individual workstation design. The walls should be painted in a common color scheme. This will help link the newly-added study space to the rest of the room. A neutral color scheme will make your child feel comfortable and motivated while he studies. Also, a child-friendly study space decor will make studying fun.

Or you can even opt for a fabric backdrop over some white colored wall. This way you can easily change it depending on the mood and the theme that your kid may like. Try check out Create Fabrics located in Yorkshire for great fabric collection. They have an online shop that would definitely make your shopping experience easier!

Large Desk

The room should have a separate desk for homework and a shelf for other stuff. The child should also be responsible for cleaning the area after finishing his assignments. A desk is essential element in a kid’s study space. It will keep them focused on their work and will help them stay organized.

A desk that is large enough to hold all the items needed for homework is ideal, while a smaller one should be placed on the floor. A clock will remind them of their goals, so make sure it is visible and easy to read. This will encourage your child to stay focused on his studies and finish them on time.

You should involve him in the process of decorating his own study space. It’s important to keep in mind that he will be spending a lot of time in this room, so it’s important to make it a comfortable place for him to spend the majority of his time.

Promote Calmness

The decor of the study space should be calming and inspiring. The wall should be painted in neutral shades. For the floor, make sure to choose washable paint or wallpaper, as these will be easier to clean. Moreover, you should avoid clutter in the room, as it will keep your child distracted. For example, a kid’s study space should not be too colorful. Keeping it neat will give your child the freedom to be creative.

Minimal and Clutter Free

A study space for kids should be clutter-free. The decor should be free of toys, books, and other items that might distract them. It should also be free from distractions, so that your child can concentrate on his work without being distracted. A hallway is an ideal location for a study space because it will allow you to monitor your child while he studies. Incorporate sober colors and adequate storage. You will find that your child will enjoy his studies much more.

Choosing Furnitures

It’s important to choose the right upholstered furniture for the study space. A child’s study room should be cozy, yet functional. Traditional seating is best for kids, and it should offer good support. For a cheaper option, you can find a used school desk or college dorm furniture at a discount price. Some of these types of furniture come with built-in storage.

Don’t Crowd the Room!

A kid’s study space shouldn’t feel suffocating. Instead, the room should be welcoming, inviting, and inspiring. For instance, kids studying at home should have a wide table with comfortable chairs. The desk should also be equipped with a desk chair, so they can study in a comfortable chair. A desk is a good place to keep books and other paraphernalia. This way, they can study comfortably.