Netgear Extender Not Finding Router. Help Me!

Many people opt to install Netgear WiFi extenders in their houses to fulfill their internet requirements. But, there are some users who cannot complete the installation process after completing the Netgear extender login process. The reason being their Netgear extender not finding router. Are you also facing a similar kind of setup problem due to a miscommunication between your networking devices? If yes, then you can rely on the information given in this post to get the problem resolved.

Troubleshoot: Netgear Extender Not Finding Router

There are various reasons due to which the Netgear extender faces difficulties finding the main router. We will shed light on all of them. But, we would first like you to ensure that your WiFi range extender is getting a non-interrupted power supply. It is because if the power supply to the extender is not continuous, it is more likely to get stuck in a reboot loop thereby falling victim to various issues including the one you are facing. Therefore, be very sure that you have connected your Netgear range extender to a working power socket only.

  1. Reduce the Extender-Router Gap

The first thing you are required to do is reduce the extender-router gap. It is because when the distance between both devices is too much their signals won’t be able to communicate with each other. In that case, you cannot expect your WiFi extender to find the router easily. But, while you reduce the gap between both devices, make sure that you do not place them too close. If you attempt that, then there are chances that the signals emitted by your devices will get clashed and the setup process will automatically fail in that scenario.

  • Eliminate Signal Interference

If your Netgear extender is placed at a location where it is experiencing signal interference, then there are chances that it will not find the router. Thus, you need to make sure that your range extender sits at a location with minimum or zero signal interference. To be very specific, keep your Netgear WiFi extender in a room where you haven’t placed any heavy electrical appliances like microwave ovens, televisions, baby monitors, refrigerators, Bluetooth speakers, cordless phones, etc. In addition to this, your Netgear device must not be sharing its location with objects that contain a lot of water and reflexive surfaces.

  • Perform a Network Power Cycle

Perhaps, any of the devices present on your home network has fallen a victim to technical glitches due to which your Netgear extender is unable to find the router. Therefore, you are required to power cycle the entire home network to fix the technical glitches. For this, simply power down all the devices, let them rest for 10-15 minutes, and power them back. But, be very sure that you do not power down the extender before the router. A proper series should be followed during the power cycling process. It means, the modem should be turned off first, then the router, and lastly your range extender. The sequence of powering up the devices should also be the same.

  • Check Connected Cables

In case you have connected your Netgear WiFi extender and the router through an Ethernet cable, you are suggested to check its physical status. It is because, at times, the devices aren’t able to communicate because the Ethernet cable connecting them is damaged or is improperly connected. In case, while checking the condition of the Ethernet cable connection, the cable is found damaged, you are suggested to get it substituted with a new one. Besides, make the connection finger-tight if it is not. And yes, do make use of the correct ports to join your networking hardware.

The Final Note                      

That’s all about what to do if your Netgear extender is not finding the router. We hope that you have successfully connected the extender and router and are having a happy experience using it. Just in case you fail, you have to restart everything and set up the Netgear extender through the MyNetgear portal or the address. This is to inform you that if you forget the Netgear portal password, all you have to do is access the MyNetgear portal forgot password window and set the new password via the OTP received on the registered email. You also have the option of setting up the extender through the WPS method.