Linksys Router Not Working After Firmware Update. What to Do?

Everyone wants his/her Linksys router to be top-performing. The process of updating the firmware is made for all such users. It is because, with the aid of a firmware update, users equip their devices with the latest technologies and features. But, it is not necessary that the device becomes high-performing after a firmware update. Some users end up ruining the efficiency of their routers after completing the process. Some even end up bricking their routers. In case you are also one of those users getting the Linksys router not working after firmware update issue, you are first of all, suggested to access the Linksys router login page again and carry out the firmware update process. Wondering why? Well, let us help you figure it out in the next section.

Before Everything Else, Update Linksys Router Firmware Again

We suggest you update the router again because there is a possibility that your router has been loaded with a wrong firmware version. Don’t worry! This is the most common reason due to which the Linksys router doesn’t work after a firmware update. Therefore, you should update the router’s firmware again right out of the gate. But, this time, make sure you download the correct firmware file for your router and upload it. The firmware file should strictly belong to your router model and must not be the outdated one. It would be better if you download it from the official site instead of any third-party website. The steps mentioned below will provide you with the highlights of the Linksys router firmware update process:

  1. Connect your Linksys router to the modem and your computer to the Linksys router network.
  2. You can also connect your computer to the Linksys router through a network cable.
  3. Once done, load an internet browser and visit myrouter.local. For smart routers, use
  4. Use the correct admin password to complete the login process.
  5. Find the Firmware Update option under Connectivity.
  6. Browse the file you downloaded and upload it on the router’s web panel.

This is how you can initiate the firmware update of your Linksys router. You need to wait for a few moments and let the process get completed. In case your router still doesn’t start working, you are suggested to pay attention to the techniques mentioned in the next section to fix the issue.

Fixed: Linksys Router Not Working After Firmware Update

  1. Restart the Router

As an indication of the completion of the firmware update process, the Linksys router reboots. If it doesn’t happen on its own, the firmware update is left incomplete. Therefore, you are required to reboot your Linksys router manually. For this, power it down and unplug its power cord from the wall outlet. The next step is to wait for a few moments. Now, you are suggested to plug your router back into its power source and switch on the Power button. Has your router started working now?

  • Avoid Background Activities

In order to let the firmware update process get completed successfully, you are suggested to ensure that you do not interrupt it. But, it seems that you already did it by playing games and streaming videos on your system while the firmware was being updated due to which the firmware became corrupted and you are facing issues. Therefore, be very sure that you do not perform any background activity on your devices until the process does not get completed. In addition to that, do not make the mistake of powering down the router or modem or disconnecting the PC from the internet during the firmware update.

  • Reset the Router

The last thing you are left with is the hack that is performed when the Linksys error 2123 shows up during the WiFi router management process. Yes, we are talking about the factory default reset process. So, without any delay, perform a factory default of your router by pressing the Reset button with the help of a paper clip or pin. However, you need to keep the button pressed for a few minutes. Otherwise, the process will not be completed.

To Sum Up

The Linksys router not working after a firmware update is a common thing. You can easily fix the situation by power cycling the router or resetting it in the end. But, if you opt to reset it, do not forget to set it up once again and complete the firmware update process keeping the required points in mind.