Facial Recognition

Installing A Facial Recognition Time Clock at Work Is More Beneficial

facial recognition time clock at work is no longer a luxury. In fact, it is attracting more attention than ever because of the host of benefits it provides. It includes monitoring, authentication, indexing, access control, and maintenance of surveillance applications. 

With the help of a face recognition system, several advancements have been made in multimedia information access. Not to mention, by implementing a facial system, it has become virtually impossible for hackers to gain access to a user’s password. In addition, it has also improved human-computer interaction. 

However, if you are still doubtful whether to get a facial time clock or not, then refer to the below benefits. But first, let us understand the system a little. 

What is A Facial Recognition Time Clock?

facial recognition time clock is a hardware that tracks the employee entry and exit time. For this purpose, the employee must stand in front of the clock and face the scanner. Next, the system tries to identify the employee’s face by reading the facial features. As soon as the authentication is complete, the time clock records their shift time. The system then sends this time record to the time and attendance software for the record. 

Is Facial Recognition Better Than Finger Recognition?

Although finger recognition is also one of the most secure ways of maintaining employee time records, it has some drawbacks that the recognition system can mitigate. For example, if the employee is wearing a glove, they will have to remove it first, which slows down the clock. 

In addition, there are also instances when the fingerprint scanner does not work properly because they are dusty. However, precision in business is necessary, which can be provided with a facial recognition time clock

Benefits of Having Facial Recognition Clock-

The following are the several ways in which the facial recognition system benefits the company. Read to understand them:

Improved Security:

The facial recognition time clock not only enables you to track the entry of your employees but also those who are visiting the office. Not to mention, access can be denied to any person easily whom you feel suspicious of, those with a bad past, or in general. Also, if God forbid, an incident may happen, facial recognition software will be a great evidence for investigation.

Prevents Employee Time Theft:

A common concern that every business deals with is employee time theft. In this situation, another employee logs in for their colleague, so they aren’t marked late or absent at work. Thankfully, the facial recognition time clock helps eradicate the problem. As a result, your company saves a lot of money and tackles employee absenteeism and tardiness at the same time. 


Another important benefit is saving a lot of money for the company by installing a facial recognition time clock. This is because the system saves a lot of business resources by automating employee time tracking. Moreover, the software is also accessible by mobile devices, which are way more affordable for small and medium business owners. Apart from this, it improves business earnings by increasing employees’ productivity, administrative cost, and supervision time. 

Easy To Integrate:

Last and the most popular benefit is you can easily integrate facial recognition into your attendance system and time software. In other words, there is no requirement to gain external knowledge, training, or service on your part. Moreover, they are also user-friendly, so anyone can operate them. The employees do not need to be tech-savvy. 


The face recognition system is a great invention of modern technology and benefits businesses in many ways. It ensures not only correct and efficient management but also saves tremendous costs in the long run. Some of the benefits of using this technology are mentioned above. Refer to those to decide whether you want it in your business if you have not yet installed it.