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I’m Tired of Constant Reboots of Netgear Extender. What to Do?

Are you frustrated by random constant reboots of your Netgear range extender? Well, rebooting is the first hack that most users focus on if they face any issue with their WiFi device. But, the scenario is completely different when this versatile hack itself becomes a problem. Considering that, this post has been inked. Here, you will learn various hacks that will help get rid of this annoying problem. However, before all that, consider updating the firmware of your Netgear extender via the URL. Perhaps, outdated firmware is causing your extender to reboot randomly. In case you fail, the actual troubleshooting begins. Read the tips highlighted underneath to know how to fix the problem.

How to Avoid Constant Reboots of Netgear Extender?

  1. Use a Working Socket

The insufficiency of the power supply is the number one reason why you are witnessing random restarts of your Netgear extender. It happens only when the extender is not connected to the power socket which is damaged. How can you expect a damaged power socket to work efficiently? Thus, spare some of your valuable moments and pay attention to the power socket. In case it is damaged, consider connecting your extender to another power socket. But, this time, verify its working status first.

  1. Give Rest to Your Extender

Every Netgear extender is an unsung workhorse that does the job of fulfilling the internet requirement of its respective owner. But, do you keep it busy 24/7? Well, that’s quite unfair. You should not be that hard with your extender. Therefore, before things slip from your hands, consider giving some rest to your extender. For this, power it down, unplug it, and let it stay idle for an hour. Once you feel that the extender has cooled down and it is an appropriate time to get it back to the work, reconnect it to the power socket and switch it on. Now, see if you are still witnessing constant reboots of the Netgear extender.

  1. Pay Attention to WiFi Interference

If you are more of a technical person, then you might own smart appliances and gadgets. But, do you know that the rays emitted by them can mess up with wireless signals of your WiFi extender? Well, now you know. This phenomenon is known as WiFi interference. But, smart appliances are not the only factors responsible for creating WiFi interference. Some objects like mirrors, fish tanks, geysers, glasses, metal bars, lenses, etc. can also stop your Netgear extender’s WiFi signals from getting transmitted properly thereby resulting in random reboots. Thus, keep all such things away from the surrounding of your WiFi range extender.

  1. Take Care of Ethernet Connection

Random reboots of your Netgear range extender can also be a curse of the damaged Ethernet cable connecting your WiFi devices. Perhaps, you weren’t attentive enough while creating the extender-router connection. But, no worries! This mistake can be corrected. So, get out of your comfort zone and get a new Ethernet cable. If it offers a higher data transmission rate, then it would be like a cherry on top. Additionally, ensure that the connection you’ve created using the new cable is finger-tight. Else, the Netgear extender will keep rebooting on its own.

  1. Remove Extra Clients

Is your Netgear extender still rebooting by itself? If yes, then nothing but the excessive number of devices accessing the network of your range extender is defaulters. Wondering how? Well, if the WiFi of your Netgear extender is being accessed by the number of specified devices, the incoming traffic will increase thereby forcing random reboots. So, what you are supposed to do in this case is to cut off extra clients. Refrain all those devices from the internet access that are additional and see if random reboots of your Netgear device bid adieu.

The Conclusion

Here, we are ending our guide based on fixing the random reboots of the Netgear extender. It is hoped that you will take care of all of the factors that we’ve highlighted in this post and will be able to return the extender to its normal functional state. However, if nothing seems to favor you, try the ultimate hack of resetting your extender. You can do so either via the mywifiext local web URL or using the Reset button of the extender. The choice is all yours. But, what you need to remember is that you have to set up the extender again after opting for the default factory reset process.