How to Update Firmware of Dlink WiFi Repeater via Desktop

How to Update Firmware of Dlink WiFi Repeater via Desktop?

If you are experiencing weak signals in your home or office, a Dlink WiFi extender can be a problem solver for you. The extender is connected to the router via network cable and known to provide the internet service into every corner . Moreover, like any other networking device, it is important to keep the repeater up to date for better performance. In this article, we’ll provide you a quick guide which includes simple steps of updating your Dlink WiFi extender using URL dlinkap.local or IP address via your computer.

Steps to Update Dlink WiFi Extender

Simply, follow these steps to update your repeater’s firmware, which are given below.

1. Connect Computer to Extender

To access the interface of the Dlink WiFi repeater, you have to connect your desktop to the extender. You can achieve this by connecting Ethernet cable to computer and networking device. You must be sure the connection is stable to avoid any interruption during the update. Now, let’s get onto the next step that is entering the Dlink login URL or IP address.

2. Enter Dlink Login URL

Then, you have to locate any web browser to log in to the interface. Open the browser and find the address bar on the top of the screen. Enter the login URL that is dlinkap.local or you can use the login IP into the address bar and search it. You will reach at the login page of the interface.

3. Log in to your Repeater

After reaching the login page of the extender, you will see the username and password field blanks. If you haven’t changed the user details then you can use the default user manual to fill the details or you can use admin as the username and password as the password. But for the security reasons, it is advisable to change these login details after the first login.

4. Locate the Firmware Section

After reaching into the interface of the extender, you have to navigate the extender’s Settings which you will find at the top of the dashboard. Click on it, then look for the Maintenance or Advanced Settings tab. In this section, you will find the Firmware Update option.

5. Install the Update

Into the Firmware section, click on the Check option that is given on the bottom of the screen. The search of a new update will start. If the firmware update is available, then download it, after some time the download will be completed. Then the extender updates its features and settings automatically.

6. Confirm the Installation

To install the update, the Dlink WiFi repeater may reboot. So, avoid interrupting the update by not turning off your computer or extender while downloading or installation. After completing the update, log back into the extender to confirm that the firmware has been successfully updated, where you started the process.
By following these simple and easy steps, you can update your Dlink WiFi repeater using a computer. It’s important that you complete the process without facing any technical issue. So, try to double- check all the hardware connections with the router and computer. Also, ensure, you write the correct login URL and IP address into the address bar.


With these steps, you can easily install and run your Dlink WiFi extender, then it will provide you speedy internet and reliable network connection. In this article, you have learned how you can update the firmware of your WiFi repeater via dlinkap.local or using your desktop. We hope you have successfully updated your repeater and enjoying fastest internet service in every corner of your house.