How to Handle Repairs after a Home Inspection?

If you own a house or want to buy one, you must be thinking about ordering a home inspection. Ordering a home inspection seems like a simple thing, but many people get confused and make mistakes when it comes to dealing with the damages revealed in the home inspection report. Today, in this blog, I will guide you and tell you all that you need to know before making a hasty decision. 

Home Inspection Peachtree City GA

As a buyer, once you receive the home inspection report, it is up to you and the seller to decide who would get the damages repaired. Most commonly, after a standard home inspection, you will find structural damages, safety hazards, building code violations, septic system issues, HVAC defects, water leaks, missing roof shingles, water heater replacements, and electrical defects. Some buyers also order additional services during home inspection Peachtree City GA, like radon testing, termite inspection, and sewage scope. These additional services can help with the formulation of mitigation strategies before the final purchase.

Is It Mandatory To Get The Damages Repaired?

A home inspection report will contain multiple issues and defects, but none of them would be mandatory for you to fix. Do not take a home inspection report as a to-do list. A home inspection report doesn’t only mention serious problems, it also includes multiple recommendations and suggestions that you may or may not follow. In the end, it is all up to you. 

If you are selling the house, even though there won’t be anything absolutely mandatory for you to fix, you may still get some damages repaired. This is because the buyers rarely agree to buy a house with serious defects like structural defects, safety hazards, building code violations, etc. Hence, if you want to sell the house, is it up to you to make sure it is in a good condition. A house in perfect condition can easily be sold at a high price.

What Doesn’t Need To Be Repaired?

You do not have to fix the cosmetics issues. Some people also go one step ahead and add a clause in the inspection contract that clearly states that the buyers cannot ask for any kind of cosmetic fixes to be made. However, if you are selling your house, I would recommend you address the cosmetic issues before putting it up for sale. An aesthetically appealing house can easily be sold at a high price.

Is it Okay For A Home Inspector To Make Repairs?

It is very common among home buyers/sellers to ask the home inspector about repairs and estimates. A home inspector is surely an expert and knows quite a lot about damages and repairs, but it is not recommended to turn to them for help regarding repairs and replacements. 

In most states, it is considered wrong for home inspectors to make repairs. Since they will be taking money for repair from the same house that they inspected, it will lead to a major conflict of interest.

 home inspection report needs to be completely unbiased and accurate. To ensure there is no bias, personal advantage, or ill-will, the home inspectors must never make repairs for the same house. For example, let’s suppose a home inspector “X” is hired for both inspection and repairs. Since his financial advantage lies in finding as many faults and damages as possible, “X” might end up exaggerating small flaws to get a huge sum for repairs. Hence, you can never fully trust a home inspector with repairs. 

Many major professional home inspection organizations like the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) forbid their members from repairing damages in the home they have inspected. According to InterNACHI, a home inspector must not take any fee for the repairs from the same house he has inspected for at least one year.

A Home Inspector Peachtree City must not:

1. Make repairs.

2. Upgrade or replace. 

3. Provide cost estimates.

4. Contact the buyers/sellers for advertising repair services within one year of the inspection.

Tips To Follow While Making Repairs

After you order a Home inspection in Peachtree City GA, there are multiple things that you must follow to make the process of repairs easier and more efficient.

Do Not Ask The Seller To Make Repairs.

A seller would do the least amount of work to repair the damages. He will choose the cheapest ways to repair the damages to gain some advantage. Hence, the repairs will turn out to be sub-par and may be unacceptable for the buyers. You should ask the seller to fund repairs instead or cut the cost of repairs from the total price of the house. This way, you will be able to get the damages repaired yourself in the best way possible.

Make sure everyone understands the issue

You need to make sure that you and the seller perfectly understand what needs to be replaced or repaired. You can take help from the home inspector Peachtree City and ask him about anything in the report that needs to be elaborated.

Be specific

Be specific while mentioning repairs. Using unclear statements can lead to unacceptable and inappropriate repairs. When it comes to getting what you want while purchasing a  house, “being specific” is the key. A poorly written addendum will not be useful for you in any situation.

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