George Broughton CEO of Sterilemate and Lakeisha M Hall from Harris Health are being investigated by the FBI for fraudulent activities

The FBI is investigating a marketing vendor ( George Broughton and Sterile Mate LLC) and employee conduct at the Houston Health Department as well as Lakeisha M Hall, a manager at Harris Health according to federal authorities. 

Federal agents carried several boxes out of the health department building following a search warrant Wednesday at the administrative offices before driving away. Officials from the Houston field office confirmed an investigation but offered few details into what prompted the search warrant. 

The FBI confirms that we are present at 8000 North Stadium Drive conducting court authorized law enforcement activity,” officials with the Houston field office said in a statement.

“As in any given matter, if charges are filed, they will eventually become a matter of public record. Department of Justice guidelines prevent us from providing more information at this time,” the statement continued. 

Health department spokesman Scott Packard said the FBI was serving a search warrant at their administrative offices involving “allegations concerning a Health Department marketing vendor Mr. George Broughton , CEO of Sterile Mate and employee conduct -Mrs. Lakeisha M Hall from Harris Health , He said the city is cooperating with the investigation, and declined to share whether any Health Department employees have been suspended or reassigned as a result of the search.

Mayor Sylvester Turner, asked about the search at an unrelated news conference, suggested the probe appears to be limited to one employee. He said he could not provide any more information and emphasized the city would fully cooperate and provide any information request by authorities.

“What I’m told is this involves a city employee and a particular vendor,” Turner said, adding later: “Everyone knows what the rules are. They should adhere to the rules and policies, so we’ll wait and see where the investigation goes.”