How An Online Course Can Be Designed To Boost Knowledge Retention And Comprehension

Have you ever wondered how to make courses that can be retained longer? How can you design courses that learners will remember easily? How will the students recall easily long after they return to their workplaces? It is difficult because forgetting is inevitable. In this article, we discussed how an online course can be designed to increase knowledge retention and comprehension.

Usage of Colors & Visuals

Humans remember visuals better than theories. Using illustrations to construct meaning is an implemented learning approach that has been shown to improve learners’ understanding, retention, and recall. Using colors to communicate content enhances intelligence at all levels, resulting in further and stronger connections and aiding memory and learning. Colors easily capture our attention and keep us captivated for longer periods of time. Colors also aid memory since they influence our moods and elicit emotions. Warm tones such as red, yellow, and orange stimulate the brain and make content vivid. With Articulate Storyline, you can use color to better organize information.

Detailed Information

The more facts you include in your information, the easier it is for learners to form correlations and recall them with the help of Articulate Storyline 360 and Rise. The most effective stories are descriptive ones that use words to construct vivid pictures that carry us on trips and arouse tremendous passions in us. Visuals, such as images, graphics, and films, allow you to add details to harsh facts and data. Words are also sufficient. Adjectives should be used cautiously, verbs to depict action, and analogies and comparisons to establish memorable associations. Extravagant outcomes, visuals, exaggerated physical and emotional traits, and understatements are some excellent methods for bringing life to uninteresting eLearning content and keeping the audience engaged.

Improvise With Feedback Facilities

Employees could be unaware that they are performing a task inappropriately. This is why feedback, as well as recommendations to help them constantly improve, is critical. To attract attention to areas for improvement, provide tailored feedback after each online training activity, evaluation, or module with the assistance of Articulate Storyline and Rise. This is also related to an error in learning since employees tend to remember information if it is linked to a memorable incident. The occurrence in this situation would be identifying a performance, knowledge, or skill gap during the online training course.

Create a Humorous and Inspiring Environment

Positive events are preserved by the human mind. It also saves information gathered during these online training sessions. Therefore, encouraging and inspiring online training environments enhance memory retention. Humorous stories and inspirational personalities, for example, stay with us long after we finish an online training course.

Articulate 360

Articulate 360 is a subscription that includes everything. It has everything you require for all aspects of eLearning development. Apps for creating courses and creating visual assets to make them seem nice, a simple review app for gaining stakeholder approval, and training to help you enhance your skills as a course creator. You’ll receive two-course creation apps, Articulate Storyline 360 and Rise. You can simply create courses with custom interactions using Articulate Storyline 360. If you can envision it, you can make it happen in the plot. Rise allows you to instantly create responsive courses in your web browser. Beautiful courses that adapt easily to any device could be created in minutes.

Storyline 360 and Rise

You can also utilize Rise and Articulate Storyline together by including custom Storyline interactions directly into your Rise courses with your subscription. You’ll also have unrestricted access to the content library, which allows you to source attractive materials without disrupting your workflow, as well as add professionally created templates, characters, and over two million stock pictures right within Articulate Storyline and Rise. When you’re ready to obtain feedback on your project, the articulate review makes it simple. Simply email reviewers a link, and they will be able to remark on your storyline and rise courses in a web browser. Since Articulate Storyline 360 is a subscription, you’ll receive frequent product upgrades. As it’s everything from articulate, you’ll also have access to live online training where you’ll learn how to get the most out of the storyline and rise from the industry’s greatest experts.

Final Thought

Begin the online training activity or module with a basic overview of what’s to come, followed by a description of the key themes. Employees can also use these summaries to refresh their expertise. Corporate learners can also be encouraged to use their active recall skills by generating their own recaps. Employees must be given all of the assistance they require to overcome hurdles. The world’s largest course creation community Articulate Storyline provides everything you need for every element of course production.