Dark Joseph Ravine Wonders Why Be a Bully When You Can be an Empoweree?

Incidents of bullying and abuse have unfortunately become common in today’s world. Bullying takes on many forms and the end goal is the same: to push others down instead of raising them higher. A valid question to consider would be why people insist on belittling others? Could it be because people feel empowered when they put others down?

Could it be because they are not happy with their own lives and feel the need to hurt others, as a result? Dark Joseph Ravine who owns an online trademarked Kindness for Success business is a believer in giving others a lift. One who encourages others to excel will reap more rewards and benefits in the long run than those who engage in toxic behaviors.

            Ravine believes that our actions are circular. What we do will eventually come back to us. Those who insist on bullying will readily find themselves on the receiving end of bullying, too. Ravine asks, “Why should anyone be a bully? Would they like it if someone returned their behavior to them in kind?” One thing is for certain, however; bullies are unhappy people who are unsatisfied with their lives.

They don’t care enough about themselves and therefore, cannot care about anyone else. Of course, we can provide constructive feedback to our family, friends, colleagues, or even those who seek our input. We can share our thoughts kindly and politely if we are not harsh and are not bullying and belittling anyone. “There’s a fine line between giving constructive criticism for areas for improvement and being intentionally hurtful,” says Ravine. Bullies will find their behavior will come back to them often worse than what they intended in the first place.

            Ravine elaborates on his perspective of the benefits that result from being the type of person who empowers others. He says, “What we do comes back to us. When we bring other people up, others will bring us up too. We can help change someone else’s life for the better and someone will create positive impact on our lives, as well.

Actions that result from kindness and positivity last forever and create a ripple effect. Bullying and negativity leave destruction in its path. Bullies always get what they deserve in the end.” Being a positive role model for others brings the greatest happiness and meaning in life that one can experience. That’s why it’s important to choose love over hate.

            Bullies do not stop to consider that negative experiences can impact the people they hurt significantly. Why not work towards bettering ourselves as people instead of seeking to hurt others as means of dealing with pain?  When we become a positive role model, we can offset the negativity of bullies. Hate is never the answer for anything.

Let us turn to self-growth and self-development and become empowerees of others. Love is superior to hate in every instance. We all have the power to impact others with our love. We only need to look for opportunities to act.