8 Ideas to Creatively Edit Your Videos

Video editing software has become easier and more intuitive over the years. But there are still some creative ways to edit your videos that are difficult or impossible with most programs. For instance, you can create exciting content. But first, here are 8 ideas to help you edit creatively and make your videos stand out from the crowd.

8 tips to get started editing your videos

Being a video maker online is an excellent way to get started editing your videos. These applications are available for free on many websites and make video editing easy, even for complete beginners. There are tons of free tips online that can help you take your video making skills to a new level, so here’s a look at 8 simple tips you can use right away:

1) Use the storyboard

Video makers online like Powtoon and Wideo offer storyboarding tools that give you a clearer picture of how you want your video to look. That way, you can edit your video with that image in mind rather than letting your video turn into a free-for-all (though, they also have free videos available). 

Another option is Adobe Spark Video, which lets you create elaborate visual stories by piecing together different types of graphics and other visuals. Promo also has a video maker online that makes it easy to edit your videos, add images, and add cool effects.

You can choose between three themes for your video and then personalize it even more by adding text (with a font library) or photos from Facebook or Instagram. After all that, you’ll be ready to export it to YouTube and start sharing it!

2) Use white space

When editing videos, use white space and breathe a little. In other words, don’t make your videos too short or too long. Since short videos may appear unprofessional, it is best to aim for between two and three minutes—but no longer than five minutes.

When done editing, ask yourself whether you would like to watch more of your video if you come across it online. If not, consider trimming it down a bit more. With a video maker online, creating videos is much easier; your only task will be arranging clips in an interesting way!

The software might automatically provide you with transitions, but feel free to create your own using a video maker online. It really won’t take that much time. Simply look at a professional video on YouTube and see how they transition from one clip to another without being dull or repetitive.

3) Play with different compositions

A lot of people have a go-to composition. One that seems to work for most of their videos. This is okay! It’s easy, and it works. But what about creating different compositions? Experiment with different formats in your video. Try changing up where you place your cameras, or how you arrange your subjects in relation to one another. Take a look at some of your favorite videos from other YouTubers. You can see how they arranged their set, or how they shot close ups versus establishing shots.

4) Try slow motion shots

If you have a smartphone, try recording in slow motion. You can make a major impact by simply slowing down your video. Be careful not to go overboard with extremely slow-motion shots because they could take away from your video’s importance and distract viewers instead of adding intrigue. Slow-motion is best used when you want your audience to see something moving slower than they’re used to seeing it. Think water splashing or melting ice cream dripping into a cup or bowl.

5) Start with color

You can also try applying a color grading filter. In Final Cut Pro X, you can use an adjustment layer that includes options for color correction. This is just one more step in your video-editing process, but it’s one that most viewers won’t even notice because they will be so focused on what’s happening in your video. This could be a way to get more mileage out of a shoot by using editing tricks.

6) Add music that adds a feeling

Most people think that music adds feeling or tone. You may disagree, but consider how many times you’ve heard a popular song or instrumental music used in an ad. If you’re trying to create an upbeat mood for your edit, perhaps classical music would work best.

But if you want something that feels more light-hearted and comedic, maybe a clip of stand-up comedy would be more fitting. The goal is to match your desired mood with your choice of edit and accompanying audio track.

7) Don’t be afraid to try new things!

If you are shooting your video with a DSLR camera then it is likely that you have a ton of footage that doesn’t make it into your final cut. Don’t throw those clips away! Create a section in your edit where you can add some of these outtakes for effect.

8) Use a Powerful Video Maker Online

A video maker online will allow you to get started with little technical knowledge. When you first start editing, there’s not much difference between a basic program and something that’s more powerful. But as you become more familiar with what you can do with video, it’s worth looking into something that gives you a little bit more control over your finished product.

Final Thoughts

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Polinach from pexels

Investing in custom motion graphics video production assets can have several benefits for both providers and clients. Video is not only a growing marketing channel, but it’s also an extremely popular one. With over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute and more than 4 billion YouTube videos watched per day, it’s easy to see why video is such a hot topic. If you want your business or organization to stand out from your competitors, start using video today!