Wooden Flooring: An Attractive and Environment Friendly Alternative

There have been rumours in the past that wooden flooring Dubai is expensive and well worth the initial investment. But these rumours are just unconditional speculation. This is because wood manufacturers have identified multiple benefits. Wooden bases on rugs are evident, some of which are discussed below.

Advantages of wooden bases:

• Longevity: 

One of the most important benefits is longevity. Manufacturers say this is a big advantage because all the initial investment you make in wood floors pays off over time, while carpet, on the other hand, wears out and loses its texture and texture after a few years. structure. beautiful over time

Easy to clean: 

Another feature that makes floors more attractive is that they are easier to clean. A simple sweep with a broom and dust is enough to clean the entire floor without damaging the floor surface. Carpets require frequent vacuuming, which is a chore.


Another factor that makes wood floors a good choice for many people is that wood floors tend to be healthier than carpet floors. This is because the carpet has dust and bacteria in it. It’s hard to clean and keeps you away from these germs.


If there are pets in the house, rugs are not suitable for homes. This is because carpets absorb odors and begin to emit body odor over the years. With a wooden base, this is not a problem.

• Floor heating: 

Floor heating is the latest development in home heating. If we use carpet, underfloor heating works best with the floor, so all the heat generated under the floor doesn’t affect the heat in the house.

• Beauty is timeless and attracts visitors. It greatly enhances the value of the house and gives it a permanent look. Based on this, the initial investment required to do this is nothing more than a penny on the beach.

One potential downside of wood floors is that the surface it produces is very hard and may not be suitable for children’s rooms. Often, homeowners are forced to use upholstered rugs when children fall. Here, rubber floors may be the best option. Because these surfaces are the perfect playground for kids. These bases are not as rigid as real wooden bases. That’s why no one gets hurt by falling over and over again.

Abaco Sports is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of polyurethane flooring for indoor play, wood floors and other types of flooring. The biggest are the ones that have been known for providing great hosting over the years.

Wooden floors have many advantages over carpet and other types of floors. 

Let’s briefly go over the most common advantages over carpet and other types of floors:

One of the biggest advantages of using this type of floor over carpet is that you can clean wood floors quickly and easily. Cleaning carpets may take longer. 

It’s also worth renting a carpet cleaner if you want a really good deep clean. Wooden bases can be cleaned quickly and easily by wiping with a vacuum cleaner or bucket. This allows you to spend time doing things other than cleaning up dirty pets and babies.

Durability – This type of floor can be used for a long time without worrying about stains and marks. Because it cannot be removed, the stain will penetrate the carpet and cannot be removed. Because the wooden base is durable and flexible. 

So you can be sure that children, pets and loved ones in an accident can head to town anytime without having to worry about taking off their shoes or paying special attention to your favourite places.

WORKS IN EVERY ROOM Flooring will look beautiful in any room.

If you want everything from the bedroom to the living room to the hallway to the office, then you can use this type of flooring in all rooms. If you’re concerned that hard surfaces won’t “feel” in your bedroom. You can choose a nice rug, or, if that’s an issue for you, a rug for added comfort.

A good alternative to rugs If you get the right wooden base for your home, it sure will be great. Wood floors look their best when sanded and cleaned. A glossier look makes the floor prettier. The advantage of rugs is that you can’t.