Why shift from smoking to vaping?

Only a few people know the advantages of using vapes. However, a lot of people use vapes for fashion and to look cool. People use vapes and inhale them. Studies have shown that vaping is better as compared to smoking. Vaping passes filtered smoke, so it is less injurious to health. A lot of people have shifted from smoking to vaping.

There are several ways in which vaping is better than smoking. A lot of people use bongs. They have bongs that they use for inhaling purposes. Vaping can be advantageous in different ways. However, these advantages do not state that vaping is safe for health. Some significant ways in which vaping can prove to be beneficial are as follows.

  1. Quitting smoking

The biggest and the most significant way in which vaping can be advantageous as compared to smoking is that it helps in quitting smoking. A lot of people are addicted to cigarettes. Some of them might be working on quitting smoking, but they cannot do so. They have shifted from smoking to vaping. Vaping is used as a cessation tool. This is a better substitute for smoking. So you can use bong and vapes instead of regular cigarettes.

  1. Less injurious than cigarettes

Vapes have less nicotine content as compared to cigarettes. These are considered less harmful than cigarettes. You can use vapes as they look fashionable. Regular smoke passes direct smoke to the lungs and internal organs. This smoke contains more than 7000 components, most of which are carcinogens.

On the other hand, vapes pass filtered smoke. So this smoke contains fewer carcinogens. So vaping is less injurious compared to cigarettes.

  1. Help save costs

One of the most significant ways in which vaping can be better than smoking is that it helps to save costs. You can save your money by shifting from smoking to vaping. You have to purchase cigarettes again and again as they cannot be used twice. On the other hand, purchasing a vaporizer is a one-time investment. You do not have to purchase vaporizers again and again. This is how you can save money by shifting from smoking regular cigarettes to vaping modern vaporizers.

  1. Flavoured vaporizers

You can find vapes in a wide range of flavours. A lot of people want to smoke, but they want an additional flavour. Regular cigarettes are not flavoured. On the other hand, you can purchase flavoured vapes from different sellers. This is how you can enjoy your favourite flavours by vaping them.


These are some of the most significant things that you need to know about vaping. These are some of the points that can show the superiority of vaporizers over traditional cigarettes. The best you can do is to purchase the vaporizers from the most reputable sellers. Bongs and vaporizers are available in different sizes, designs, prices, and colours. They have made people have a better smoking experience as they become instantly cool by using vaporizers.