Why Do People Fall Asleep More Quickly When it Rains?

Who doesn’t love rains? Well yes, excess rains lead to waterlogged roads and traffic congestion but if we don’t think of work for a moment then the rainy season brings a feeling of comfort and leisure in our mind. We get the urge to savour hot fries during rain with loved ones around us. Or read the favourite novel on the balcony when outside it rains heavily. Some people even sleep more peacefully during rain than in normal times. This phenomenon of experiencing relaxation and rest during rain is quite normal. But is there a scientific and detailed explanation for it?

This is because getting good sleep is nowadays quite difficult. People are consuming tablets such as Modalert 200 and Modvigil 200 for sleeping. Hence, if rain gives them the impetus to sleep then is it more than good. In this article, we shall discuss why does rain incite the tendency to fall asleep.

Lack of outdoor activities

When it rains several of our activities get stopped permanently or temporarily. Often our work is stalled or gets delayed. Schools get shut and the office is shut down, making employees work from home. You wake up in the morning, jogging or running in the park cannot be done, cycling is also not possible. So, you get the feeling of what to do? So, my mind says just go and relax. The stillness outside and no major physical movement of the body culminates fail to generate any excitement for work. Thus, the person feels sleepy and goes to rest after some time. You must have felt the urge that when you wake up on a rainy morning, you want to go to sleep again. This same urge does not happen on a chilly day or sunny day.

So, if you are facing a shortage of sleep due to overwork in previous days, clear all the dues when it rains. With the drops of rain falling on the ground your stress will get reduced and you may fall asleep faster.

Increase in concentration of negative ions

Now, people who don’t love chemistry do not skip the article but keep reading because we are not going to discuss inorganic. Just get the background knowledge that due to friction between clouds and air causes the release of negative ions. Thus, on a rainy day when it is thundering outside negative ion concentration is at its peak. These negative ions are found to have a sedative effect on the human body by reducing blood pressure and increasing dopamine levels which makes us feel relaxed. The activity of cells and tissues slow down which leads to reduced transmission of messages in the brain. So, the brain goes into rest mode after a while.

Higher secretion of sleep-hormone

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal glands in response to darkness. This is the reason when we dim the lights off, we sleep quickly. When eyes sense darkness, melatonin is released which sends the sleep signal to the brain. This instruction is then transmitted to all organs and body parts to also go to sleep mode. During rain, the clouds are all over the sky and the sun is not visible for hours or even several days. Thus, the levels of melatonin are at an all-time high due to the darkness outside. This keeps the urge to sleep throughout the day, which increases multi-folds at night.

Besides melatonin, proteins related to enhancing sleep is released in the eyes. In the situation of excess light, less protein is produced and vice-versa. Therefore, due to reduced light during rain more protein is released which puts the person to sleep. The sleeping pills like Waklert 150 and Artvigil 150 work more efficiently under dim light.

Low levels of oxygen

Oxygen is needed by the cells, tissues and organs to perform their biological processes. Without much oxygen, the activity in the brain decreases which is detrimental to the overall productivity of the person. When the brain cells do not receive enough oxygen, their activity is reduced which sends a signal of relaxation and sleepiness. And people are more likely to sleep. When it rains, there is more water vapour in the atmosphere, air pressure is low and so is the oxygen content.

This is why you get easily exhausted in the mountains because in high altitude oxygen level is very low as compared to plains. Only those people who are habituated to living in the mountains feel normal because their cells and tissues have adjusted in working with less oxygen. So, if you are travelling in high altitude places drink a cup of coffee before going out. It acts as a stimulant that acts to speed up the transmission of messages in the brain. This keeps the brain active and the person gets rid of sleeping tendency. Use this technique if you don’t want to sleep during rains as you have some work left.

Good memories

It is fact that good memories bring positivity and calmness to the mind, also tears of joy sometimes. The chances of sleeping quickly are more when we feel good because when we are tensed all the time something is going in our minds. Stress levels in high levels can damage the sleep cycle permanently leading to chronic insomnia and narcolepsy. With rain, most of us have positive memories attached to it. How in childhood we used to play football in fields with friends, how mom made a delicious snack for us and then the whole family played ludo together. With rain, all these memories start coming in flashbacks which put us to sleep with a smile on our faces.


Hope this article gave answers to all your questions. Sleep is an aspect of our life; it is the golden period when the body gets time to regain the lost energy. Thus, when this time is shortened you see negative impacts on every aspect of health. Treat sleep with care and use Waklert 150 and Modaheal 200 only when inevitable. Use rain to sleep peascefully if you have no work and restore the original sleep cycle.