What do you understand about erectile dysfunction Pathophysiology?

Erectile dysfunction pathophysiology can be defined as a convergence of physiology and pathology. This study involves the process of erection and the causes that make men weak in their shorts.

Pathology studies the origin of a disease as well as its causes and symptoms and describes the biological process within a living organism. This combination of medical science takes in consideration the medical condition, disease or injury of the patient to study the changes that occur in erection process.

During the last few years, there has been an increase in the awareness of pathological processes related to erection. It has happened mainly due to the understanding of erectile issues among countless men across the world.

The process of erection includes a symphony among brain, nerves and blood circulation. A desire is generated in the minds of male which triggers impulses allowing the nervous system to relay signals which secrets the nitrate oxide.  The nitrate oxide dilates the blood vessels when the blood flows on both the sides of the male organ and creates the ground for the males to acquire a hard and long enduring erection. Free flow of blood and arousal creates a major role in the improvement of the male organ. Super Kamagra is a powerful anti-impotence medication which offers a firm erection to men and delays the process of ejaculation.

Why men get flaccid erections?

About a decade ago, it was believed that lifestyle issues and stress are the main culprits of poor erection quality of males. But with the latest advances in the field of pharmacology, it is becoming clear that old age also contributes in making men soft in their shorts. Erectile process of males can get disrupted due to diabetes, cardiovascular problems, physical injury, stress, depression, anxiety, lack of libido, mood swings and low testosterone levels. Medical conditions which deteriorate the quality of erection include poor blood circulation, change in hormone levels, cardiovascular problems and nervous system. Displacement of the particular disc is also considered as a major factor in the flaccid erection of males.

Around a decade ago, it was believed that poor lifestyle and stress are mainly linked to erectile difficulties. However, latest researchers conclude that old age is also responsible for the poor erection quality of males. Some of the common medical conditions which don’t allow males to get erect and stay firm in bed are slow blood circulation, change in hormone level, cardio and nervous system problems and displacement of the particular disc.

Adequate testosterone level is necessary for an erection. The vascular injury disturbs the flow of blood to the male genitalia resulting in a strong erection. The spinal cord injury even to a younger male directly impacts the quality of erection. The degree to which it affects depends on the intensity of injury. The surgery in a person in the lower abdomen level also hinders the process of erection.

Erectile dysfunction pathology has made it possible for males to cure and treat erectile problems with permanent solution. Oral erection enhancing medicines such as Kamagra UK assist a male to overcome ED within half an hour after ingestion. This medicine is loaded with a vital ingredient known as Sildenafil Citrate which releases a sufficient amount of blood to the male organ during the love making act.

More research on erectile dysfunction pathophysiology will lead to the discovery of new erectile dysfunction solutions. The new information from research enables the medical professionals and scientists to offer permanent solutions to the problem of erectile dysfunction.