Orbi Dropping WiFi Signals

What Causes My Orbi WiFi Signals to Drop?

“Orbi dropping WiFi signals” issue can persist due to a number of reasons. Maybe you have not configured your Orbi in a proper way or have not performed Orbi firmware update yet. Apart from these reasons, there are a couple more reasons for letting you experience the issue. Need not to worry! In this article, we are going to provide you with all the possible solutions following which you can easily tackle the issue from the comfort of your home. Let’s get started!

Fixed: Orbi Dropping WiFi Signals

Fix 1: Perform Orbi Firmware Update

Orbi firmware updates (if performed on a regular basis) are known to enhance the performance of the Orbi device to a great extent. But, if the firmware isn’t updated on time, it may lead to many big issues. And, one of such issues you are experiencing right now.

Don’t sweat over it! To get the issue fixed and to make the most out of your Orbi’s WiFi, update its firmware using the instructions provided on the Orbi app. You can also update manually by accessing the Orbi router login page.

Fix 2: Change the Orbi’s Location

The bad location of your Netgear Orbi router may also result in the “Orbi dropping WiFi signals” issue. For fixing it, just change the location of your Netgear Orbi router.

Where To Place Orbi?

  1. You must place your Orbi near your internet modem.
  2. Do not place your Orbi inside your cabinet or near the window.
  3. Also, your Orbi may drop WiFi signals if you place it back of your gaming console, play station, computer, or beneath your study table. So, you are supposed to place your Orbi at the central and open place.

Fix 3: Check the Orbi’s Power Supply

If your Netgear Orbi router is not getting a constant power supply from its respective wall outlet, then also it might drop WiFi signals. Hence, ensure that the Orbi’s wall socket is supplying sufficient power to the Orbi. And, of course, the wall socket! It must be non-damaged and in working condition.

Fix 4: Reduce the Distance

On the off chance, there is an excessive distance between your Netgear Orbi router and internet modem, then also it will lead you to experience “Orbi dropping WiFi signals” issue. Hence, for fixing the issue, you need to reduce the distance between your Orbi and modem.

Fix 5: Ensure Stable Connection

In the event that there is an unstable connection between your Orbi and modem, then there is a chance that the Orbi’s WiFi signals will drop. To enjoy Orbi’s WiFi signals in every nook and cranny of your house, ensure a stable yet secure connection between your devices.

If you are using an Ethernet source for connecting your Orbi and modem, ensure that the cable isn’t damaged or worn out.

Fix 6: Reboot Your Orbi

If none of the fixes mentioned above help you rack up success with “Orbi dropping WiFi signals” issue, then you need to restart or reboot your Netgear Orbi router. By rebooting your Orbi, you may somehow get success with the WiFi-related issue.

Hence, without much delay, scroll down a little and know how to reboot your Orbi while relaxing on your couch:

  1. First things first, you need to turn off your Orbi and unplug it from the power outlet.
  2. Then, you need to disconnect your modem from your Orbi device.
  3. Give your Orbi a few minutes to relax.
  4. Now, turn the Orbi back on and plug it back in again.
  5. Wait for the Orbi’s power LED to get stable.
  6. As soon as you see a stable LED on your Orbi, reconnect it to your modem via Ethernet source.

Now, check if the “Orbi dropping WiFi signals” issue is fixed by accessing the Orbi router login page.

The Bottom Line

Netgear Orbi router is one of the best devices to provide its users a very good range of WiFi signals to access in every nook and cranny of their house. But, due to some technical issues, the Orbi device may drop WiFi signals. Hopefully, the fixes listed above will help you deal with “Orbi dropping WiFi signals” issue.