Unravel Some Basic YouTube Features That Every Student Must Know!

YouTube is an excellent source of entertainment, but rare people know that such an amazing platform is a great source of education too. There are different types of video content present, but students are competent in getting the videos according to the syllabus in their class. If you want content regarding a specific subject or generic insights, then YouTube is there for you.

Multiple educators and facilitators are serving high-quality videos that are immensely informative. But still, they are unable to get the expected results; this is why they need to Buy YouTube ViewsSo, you can get positive results and better video performance without hustling a lot. The users will get videos on different topics that can help them cover many different informative facts regarding their business.

What makes YouTube perfect for students?

The growing education potential of YouTube shows that the authorities have created the section there. It allows students to access admired informative factors and a plethora of resources that can help people get the best out of this platform. By opting for that, you will get a readily available tutor for you, and in this topic, we’re featuring some interesting tips about YouTube that you need to keep in mind.

Build a playlist: – 

Here we are with the exciting feature for the teachers where they need to create a playlist of the educational video that they create. So they will be able to serve convenience to the students as they don’t need to go through a bunch of different videos to get information regarding the selected topic. Instead, they are served with sorted categories that make things easier for them. To make the playlist, you need to consider the listed points.

  • Press add to underneath a video
  • After that, give it a name
  • Select the unlisted, private, or public options
  • Press create, and you are good to go

Creating a playlist can help people get various informative content on the same channel, so they don’t need to visit elsewhere.

Videos with captions: –

On YouTube, there is a feature presentation that is going to add captions automatically. In addition, it is going to transcribe the verbal content in the YT video. These options are available on the videos where the owners or the channel have given permission regarding such a feature.

It allows people to get the information they seek even when they are having trouble listening to audio for multiple reasons. In addition, the captions are available in different languages; if your language is present there, you can opt for auto-translated captions.

Here google translate is considered to make things easier for the users. So here’s how to enable the auto-translate captions.

  • Press the caption icon that is present at the bottom of the video
  • After that, click options
  • Translate captions
  • Select the language
  • Press OK if you are done

Once you are done with all of these things, you need to watch the videos to ensure that the enabled options are working fine or not.

Embed videos and playlists: –

If a teacher has a classroom blog or a specific website, then you need to embed your videos and playlists on your website by considering the listed steps.

A – Embed a video:

  • Click the share link that is present under the video
  • Press the embed link
  • After that, copy the code served in the expanded box
  • Paste the code into your website or blog

B – Embed a playlist: 

  • In order to embed a playlist, you need to press the playlist icon on the left side.
  • After that, think and add the playlist title you’d like to embed.
  • Press share link
  • Press embed link
  • Copy an embed code that will appear in the menu below.
  • Paste the code into your blog or website.

These features can help you get the admired things done without considering assistance elsewhere.

Create and edit annotations: –

Annotations allow people to make their videos more interactive and draw more and more engagement from the viewers. With the help of annotations, the users are proficient in getting the convenience of layering the links, texts, and hotspots over their videos; here’s how you can access the annotations and then add them to your videos.

  • Visit your channel video manner
  • Select the video that you want to edit
  • Click down the arrow to the right of the edit button
  • After that, select the annotations
  • Press to add the annotation button that is present on the right
  • Apply and save changes when you are done creating your annotations

These specific features can help teachers and students experience the ease of sharing and learning from the video content along with the listed features.