Decor Your Apartment Balcony

Types of Balconies; Figure Out the One that Fits in Your Home

Having a home is a privileged thing in one’s life. The thing about dream houses is that an individual spends all of their lives figuring out the ways in which they are going to build it and then renovate it. These steps are what make this process all the more worthy.

One such aspect that you need to pay attention to in your houses is the need and type of balconies. Balconies are those spaces that not only have the right dose of usability but are also effective when it comes to adding up the aesthetic beauty of the house. And apart from all those who don’t wish to have a space where they can collectively bring all the friends and can enjoy the best of days.

All that you need to do is to reach a conclusion that you in fact need a balcony in your house and then we can choose which type of.

Today we have researched and then compiled some of the best types of balconies that you can choose from for your dream house in nova city in Islamabad. Thus gear up and do remember to take notes.

Types of Balconies

A balcony is often deemed as the extension on the upper floors of a house. These extensions serve to enlarge the living space and range of activities possible in a dwelling without a garden or lawn.

Given below are some of the best ones to choose from:

  • Cantilevered balcony
  • Hung balcony
  • Stacked balcony
  • False balcony
  • Mezzanine balcony
  • Loggia balcony

Cantilevered balcony

These types of balconies are what have structures that are extended from the face of the building. Although to the eye of the beholder there is no serious sort of support system, these structures are in fact supported by the hidden iron or steel girders. They are called cantilevered balconies because the load of the wall is supported in such a manner. Because this type of design is quite the tough and complex one, thus you have to be sure about this one before you green light the construction of the house. Because once that is done you cannot change or add anything.

The size of these balconies is really small. This is due to the fact that as the case of the depth increases in the balcony, their ability to secure higher loads of weights decreases. In the past, these types of balconies were made with steel and concrete. But nowadays the materials that are used in building structures can withstand stronger materials and such innovations.

Hung Balcony

Like what they say it’s all in the name. Hung balconies are such strong structures that are hung from the building. But you do not have to get scared as these structures are supported by screws as well as steel cables. With the help of steel cables, either a large floor or a plate is hung from the building.

Stacked Balcony

The design of these buildings is quite simple. In this type of balconies, they use vertical pillars which are then able to connect two balconies so that a stacked shape can be formed. This way not only support is given to individual balconies but in this manner, the building also does not suffer from the additional load. While in several cases, it might not be part of the whole structure but is built separately.

If you are choosing this one then you might have to compromise on the aesthetic location of the house but people still prefer them as they are the epitome of elegance and simplicity.

False Balconies

These types of balconies have several names and most of the time they are known as Juliet balconies. Wondering why it is named a false balcony because unlike all the different types of balconies this one cannot be used for furniture placement. It does give an illusion of a balcony but the thing is that the space can only accommodate some plant pots and nothing else. As in the context of balconies, they do have the same railings. A false balcony best suits an apartment.

Mezzanine Balconies

Out of all the balconies on this list, a mezzanine balcony is the sole one that is present inside the house. The rest of them are built outside but this one is purely for the inside. This way you can enjoy an extra corner while being able to enjoy all the ambiance of the house.

You can build a little culture for yours this way inside your house and isn’t all this just a treat for yourself.

But make sure to place a railing because safety is first.

Loggia Balcony

Well, this one is the most interesting one as this also comes with a roof. Intrigued.!!

In most buildings, these structures are built as protruded ones. These are also visible from the side.

These balconies also come with the addition of space so that you can keep some furniture in that space. You can also make this space useful in this manner.


These above-mentioned types are some of the cool additions that you can make to your house. Make use of this information and make perfect decisions for your house decor accordingly.