Attractions To Visit In Burundi

Top Tourist Attractions To Visit In Burundi

As should be obvious, Burundi is often referred to as the “heart of Africa” for good cause. Despite the rapid advancement of our times and the historical dominance of major Western countries. Burundi has been able to preserve the majority of its culture and scenery.

As of 2019, the capital of Burundi is Gitga, which was the Belgian colony’s capital prior to its transformation into Burundi. The National Museum of Gitega is located here, and it is the most well-known museum in the country. The museum is a treasure trove of historical artifacts and knowledge about the rich and diverse culture of the United States. Natalay V, Burundi’s final monarch, died here in 1972, making it an important historical site. Whether you are a history lover or not? If you are planning a vacation in Burundi with your significant other or with family and friends. Without thinking much, start planning, book ethiopian airlines reservations in any class, and save up to 50% off on one-way & round trips on every flight. To help you out, the following are the most popular places to visit in Launceston on your vacation in 2022!

Discover the best destinations and activities in Burundi.

Enjoy the Burundian drum show.

If you’ve never been to Burundi, it’s probable that you won’t be able to see this performance for yourself. The UNESCO-recognized practice of enjoying intangible cultural heritage is now available to visitors and locals alike in Gishora, a territory in the country of Burundi. The former Burundian monarchy used this area exclusively for its most significant events (a few kilometers from Gitega). Their sacred drum shrine can be found here.

You can experience the hypnotic sound of their drums, which are said to reflect the female body’s contours if you book a tour guide. A little over an hour will pass before you get a chance to try your hand at thumping some beats!!

Explore Bujumbura country’s capital

In addition to being the country’s capital, Bujumbura is arguably one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. As a result of its historic settlement and the extent to which it has retained its French heritage, you will experience a sense of time travel upon your arrival. As a result of the unrest in the area, the growth of this village-sized town has been delayed, but that does not imply there isn’t anything to do here. Bujumbura is the only city in East Africa with a cuisine nearly like that of Bujumbura. Additionally, it has a thriving nightlife scene that is guaranteed to snag the attention of tourists.

On Lake Tanganyika, take a moment to relax in the rays.

The world’s longest freshwater lake, Lake Tanganyika, is one of Africa’s five great lakes. Then there’s the fact that it’s one of America’s most popular tourist spots. Lake Tanganyika remains one of Bujumbura’s most famous tourist attractions despite its proximity to Tanzania and Zambia.

In addition to enjoying the lake’s various beaches, visitors can dine at one of the many restaurants or taverns nearby while soaking up some rays. You shouldn’t be surprised, however, if a hippo decides to slumber next to you while you’re enjoying the Burundi sun. For the most part, these mythical animals do not pose a threat to people, but they do occasionally escape the lake to participate in beach celebrations.

Take a trip to the source of the Nile.

The source of the Nile’s water was a mystery to many. Near Bujumbura, a little spring is vying for the title of Nile’s primary water source. Some sources, on the other hand, assert that Uganda is where the Nile gets its start.

When you’re in Cairo, it’s a great idea to take a day trip to see a monument pyramid that marks the beginning of the Nile. If you don’t make travel or transportation plans in advance, you may have a difficult time traveling to the site on your own. Xia Mao, which is around 115 kilometers southeast of Bujumbura, is where it may be located.

The country is full of hidden gems 

With its colorful culture and pristine natural surroundings, Burundi is the ideal destination for a vacation. You’ll be able to forget about all of your sad memories of the Civil War thanks to the beautiful environment. Burundi’s most beautiful regions were planned with tourists in mind. Traveling in the north of the country is not recommended if you want to be fully sure that your safety will not be put at risk. A Burundi Visa, as well as a Burundi Legalization, are required before you can enter the country.


It is surrounded by water on all sides and is located in Africa’s Great Lakes region. Coffee and tea are two of the country’s most important exports. The climate is also ideal for farming these two crops. Dreaming of a vacation at these exciting places? Book a tailor-made Burundi tour package with AirlinesMap to explore these thrilling places. Bon Voyage..!