Top Rollers-Key to a Straight Line

Keeping your equipment in top working order is an investment in your business and your clients; there would be no business and no customers without vital equipment. While smart purchases and proper maintenance will prolong the life cycle of your equipment, it is essential to partner with the right distributor for your after-market parts. Tracks N Teeth offers over 1100 Top Rollers, 1500 track shoes, and 2000 track chains for you to choose from. Tracks N teeth also have the aftermarket parts of various brands of machines, i.e., John Deere, Komatsu, Caterpillar, Hitachi, Bobcat, Kobelco, Kubota, Linkbelt, Hyundai, etc. With this vast selection and friendly industry professionals, you know you can find what you need when you need it with Tracks N Teeth. 

Top Rollers are a vital component in the undercarriage system; the top rollers prevent the track chain and shoes from sagging, provide appropriate tension, and keep the track system inline. Like all parts of the undercarriage system, the top rollers should be maintained and inspected for wear and tear as the manufacturer and your company recommended. By utilizing proper documentation and baselines, measurements can be taken to track usage and damage. When one component becomes damaged, it may result in a catastrophic failure as each part in the undercarriage works in concert. The top rollers may consist of single flange rollers or double flange rollers, and when in doubt, refer to the manufactures specifications or reach out to your distributor to help you find the best part for your equipment. 

The track chains and shoes also require proper care and maintenance, along with the top rollers. The track chain (Flexible Links) provides the base foundation for the track shoes and should also be evaluated for tension, wear, tear, and sagging. If there is damage to the track chain or the pitch is incorrect, this may affect the track shoe and the top roller. The track chain may come as a link assembly (dry chain), or link assembly sealed and greased (lubricated chain). Some pins and bushings may need to be replaced or turned depending on condition and usage. Although these parts are small, they play a crucial role in performing the track. Depending on the age of your ways and the hours on your machine, you may decide to replace the track system besides replacing the pins and bushings. 

Track shoes are offered in several types, including single grouser, double grouser, triple grouser, and many others. Track shoes also come in a variety of materials, and your distributor will assist you in making the best purchase based on usage and manufacturer specifications. It is important to remember that the track shoe gives machinery the traction to move, and it is the platform for the machine to work on. While there are countless checklists for maintenance and service schedules online, always consult your manufacturer’s specifications to ensure warranties are not voided and the appropriate actions are completed. 

The top rollers, track chains, track shoes, and other undercarriage components. A few tips to keep your equipment moving you forward:

1. Follow all manufacturer specifications for parts, repairs, and maintenance

2. Inspect equipment daily, including before and after each project

3. Partner with a distributor you can trust

Tracks N Teeth offers after-market parts to keep your machines running and your business thriving. With a large selection of undercarriage parts, Tracks N Teeth keeps you moving forward with the right part, the right price, every day. Reach out to our friendly industry professionals today at 206-486-4995 or visit us at and click on our “Contact Us” page to send us a message.