Mechanical Engineering Colleges in Ghaziabad

Top Designing Software Of Which Every Mechanical Engineering UG Should Be Aware

Mechanical engineering may be one of the oldest specializations in the segment but it is not the one that is showing any signs of slowing down or growing redundant as the years pass by! In fact, on the contrary, mechanical engineering colleges in Ghaziabad are coming up with all kinds of new ideas to keep the fire in the belly alive by developing a new curriculum every year. Graphic designing and engineering drawing remain the toughest subjects in the whole BE curriculum, and a majority of undergraduates (UGs) find it extremely hard to cope with the challenges related to these topics. But, times have changed, and colleges are now providing training in designing by using software kits. The changing paradigm in software-based designing and automation platforms has positively transformed every business. Mechanical engineering is no different, and the top colleges in Ghaziabad are taking a cue from their global counterparts by introducing new courses to impart education in these designing software platforms.

In this article, we have listed down the popular designing software courses for UGs enrolled in mechanical engineering BE programs.

Automotive, car, and vehicle design software

Car designing studios have become the top adoption centers of software development specifically working in the fields of graphic designing, animation, augmented reality, and Virtual reality. Centers of excellent (COEs) across the automotive industry are training their skilled and semi-skilled workforce to get acquainted with the special category of designing software called the “Automotive, car and vehicle design software.” As the name refers to, this category of software tools enables users to develop and analyze the various aspects of automotive body designing, and the effect of various factors that influence the performance, appearance, and safety of vehicles such as cars, trucks, tractors, scooters, trailers, buses, mobile motors, and generators. These are also used in designing space vehicles, drones, robotic movers, and submersible equipment running on powered units.

HVAC Designing Software

Heating and cooling requirements in the industry keep evolving with time. Today, everything is automatized to switchboards, IoT-based remote controllers, and embedded analytics software. It requires special skills to develop, work on and analyze this equipment using the software. This designing software is used in the energy management and heating/ cooling industries where the use of large-sized cooling towers, heating pads, ACs, and refrigeration equipment is used. Mechanical Engineering Colleges in Ghaziabad provide extensive formal training in HVAC designing software development to UGs who wish to expand their career aspirations beyond conventional mechanical engineering jobs in India and abroad.

Instructional Designing (ID)

Many top universities are exploring new opportunities to advance into a new era of computerized learning experiences. In the modern context of mechanical engineering using software packages, ID is a very useful domain for young UGs. In India, there is still a lot of scope in ID development but if you start early, you could master Instructional Designing within a span of 8-12 months.

Modern engineering projects revolve around ID specifications that require mechanical engineers to formulate and test the various engineering and designing algorithms that justify the need to invest in technologies.

Engineering tool designing software

Cutting machines running and controlled using software is not a new phenomenon. Yet, a majority of students don’t train enough with engineering tool designing software that helps them pick the right tool for the right operation for the right material. The practical knowledge of this software helps in saving loss of material and time and quickens the process across industries.

Using engineering software for tool designing and cutting allow users to work in a physical environment involving automatic cutting, collision control, beam designing, corner treatment, Z-axis control, and high-speed cutting operations.

Today, there is mechanical designing software available for all types of operations that could be undertaken on the shop floor.

Other specific software that you could build your base in, includes the following domains:

  • 3 D modeling
  • Drafting
  • CAD-based punching
  • Vaporization
  • Plasma simulation


With a growing demand for 3 D based modeling systems in mechanical engineering, more and more universities are availing of this greenfield opportunity with top-end designing software tools to render high-quality education to BE and BTech UG students in Ghaziabad. Not only is it reaping good benefits for students who go on to join some of the best manufacturing and designing companies in the world, but also motivates designers and trainers to work toward building, training, and improving the whole ecosystem of designing software.