Tips to access and buy land in the educational metaverse

Have you played video games?

First, there used to be single-player games, then there were multiplayer games. Cut to today’s scenario of players playing in the metaverse land.

Yes, technology has made it the point to transform a simple gaming experience into a realistic one. 

Then there is another experience of learning and teaching in the metaverse. The educational metaverse transforms how students and educators appear and experience the world.

Today, you will have an interesting read about accessing the metaverse and buying land in it.

So, before starting with ‘how to purchase land in the metaverse?’, let’s start with how to access it.

The metaverse experience

The metaverse is a novel concept! It was first mentioned in the novel and it seems to make novel changes too. It is a combination of various technologies and is based on virtual reality. From gaming to education, the metaverse has a vast scope in diverse domains.

Basically, in the metaverse users appear in creative avatars to connect. It gives a fun and unique experience to users. 

How to access the metaverse?

Today, many people talk about the metaverse. However, how to indulge in such an experience is the real concern. Today, you will read about accessing the unique metaverse world.

To access the metaverse, the foremost important thing is connecting with the right platform. Another vital thing is having equipment like Oculus Quest 2 headset. These prerequisites will enable you to enter the world of the metaverse.

Once you enter the metaverse platform, the initial step is creating your avatar. Avatar is a creative and distinct identity on the metaverse. With this avatar, you will roam around the metaverse world and experience various activities over there.

Then, you reach the starting point of the metaverse world. From there, you can explore various options and access the metaverse world. Moreover, you can connect with other users and communicate with them to share the metaverse experience.

Various platforms let you access the metaverse- Decentraland, Horizon Worlds by Meta. To experience the educational metaverse, Edverse will be the right partner.

Another buzzing concept for investing in the metaverse is the metaverse land. Let us talk about it.

What is a metaverse land?

The metaverse land is just like real estate in the metaverse. It is one of the forms of digital assets. A piece of land in the metaverse is also known as a parcel.

According to Rootstrap, the price of one parcel in one topmost metaverse land platform The Sandbox is USD 11,000. 

But why would you invest in the metaverse land?

There can be various reasons to purchase a metaverse land. One of them can be- you want to build something on that land. You may create your own business space in the metaverse or just use it for digital assets. 

Another reason can be an investment. The metaverse is in its initial phase, but many are investing in the metaverse land, believing in its bright future. Though the returns for it are shaky, there are many big players and investments in the metaverse land.

How to purchase a metaverse land?

If you wish to purchase a metaverse land, you should have cryptocurrency. This is because the purchasing of the metaverse land is usually done with crypto. Therefore, the first step is to get cryptocurrencies. The two popular currencies are Ethereum-SAND and MANA. 

The Sandbox and Decentraland are favorites because they have a robust infrastructure. You can buy land from these platforms or third-party resellers.

About investment in the metaverse land

Many big organizations such as Facebook, Nvidia, Microsoft, etc. are investing significantly in the metaverse.

But is it safe for you to invest in the metaverse?

This is a real question as there can be many shady things. Especially, if you are planning to invest a big amount in the metaverse land, it may not offer much security. It involves a lot of risks. Consult an expert before taking any leap.

Edverse- an educational metaverse platform

Amongst various applications of the metaverse, the education domain has many influences of this technology. Edverse is the best solution for the educational metaverse. It offers some best features such as a Decentralized ed-scape, the metaverse classroom, ed-NFT 3D Library, and much more. Moreover, there are great facilities customized for educators, learners, promoters, and creators.


Authors Woong Suh and Seongjin Ahn talk about the impact of the metaverse on elementary school students in their paper. Among the survey of 336 students, 97.9% had experienced the metaverse and 95.5% felt it to be close to the everyday experience.

The metaverse in various industries and domains brings a realistic 3D experience to users. In addition, the educational metaverse possesses the potential to transform learning and teaching scenarios.

Now you know how to access the metaverse. Access and explore it!