Tips from Cell phone repair stores to increase your laptop and PCs battery

If your laptop battery drains faster than normal, it could be due to various reasons. You’re using intense programs on your systems, like video games or music editing tools. In this article, we will explore some ways to increase your laptop battery’s life span and performance:

Tips to keep your battery healthy.

According to the Laptop Repair specialist, you can extend the life of your laptop battery by keeping it clean and cool, as well as healthy and charged.

The following tips can help you to improve your battery health

Use the Battery slider to increase battery performance.

You can also use the Battery slider in your laptop’s settings to increase battery performance. To get to the battery settings, click on Windows Start and select Settings. In the search box, type “battery” and click on battery. The slider is between Balanced and Power saver. Sliding it toward Balanced will increase performance but decrease how much time you can spend using your laptop away from a power source. Sliding it towards a Power saver will improve endurance but lead to lower performance overall.

Turn off screensaver

Turning off the screensaver can help your laptop’s battery last longer. The screen saver is designed to keep your screen from going black when it isn’t being used, but if you don’t have a desktop computer, there is no need for this feature. It will not save energy because the laptop sleeps when not in use and waking up again takes more power than keeping its display on. Instead of turning off your computer or putting it into standby mode when not in use, close the lid and put it away until next time.

Suppose you have a desktop computer with a monitor that doesn’t turn off automatically. You should adjust its settings to always be on instead of turning off after a while (usually 5–10 minutes).

Keep your laptop plugged in until you’re sure it’s fully charged.

  • To maintain the life of your laptop battery, it’s important to ensure you don’t run it beyond its maximum capacity. If a battery is exposed to an extended period of charging at full capacity, it can overheat and potentially damage your laptop’s internal components.
  • To avoid this, try unplugging your laptop when it reaches 100% charge. This will prevent overheating while ensuring you get as much usage out of your battery as possible before needing to charge again.

You may encounter difficulties if you have a habit of leaving your system plugged in all day long; many manufacturers warn against doing so because repeated cycles of partial charging can negatively affect longevity over time.

Reduce screen brightness.

For longer battery life, it is important to reduce screen brightness. That will help you save a lot of energy and therefore extend the life of your battery.

Of course, you don’t have to turn off the screen when not in use—it’s just that if you do, then there’s no need for the computer to run its light-emitting backlight all the time. You can also adjust your desktop background color. This can be achieved by combining different apps, such as Night Shift and Twilight, with Flux, which is available for both PC and Mac users!

Choose the right screen saver.

Choosing the right screen saver can significantly impact your laptop battery life.

  • Choose one that doesn’t use a lot of power. Choosing a screen saver with as little power as possible is very important. The screen saver should be the lowest, with minimal or no visual effects. You should also change the quality settings for your desktop background so that it isn’t high resolution, and you should change your browser’s quality settings (in Chrome, go into Settings -> Display Settings).
  • Choose one that doesn’t use CPU (central processing unit) resources unnecessarily. Try using static images as your screensavers. These don’t require any processing and won’t use any power. Which means better laptop battery life!

Turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off when not needed.

Turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off when not in use. Both of these features will drain your laptop’s battery faster than it would if they weren’t turned on. You can turn off Wi-Fi by clicking on the network icon in the taskbar at the bottom right corner of your screen and then clicking “Turn Wi-Fi Off.” To turn off Bluetooth, click Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers > Bluetooth Devices, right-click on your device and select Unpair from Device Manager.

Don’t use too many programs at once.

This is one of the simplest ways that you can help your laptop battery last longer. When you’re using your computer, only have one program open at a time and try to close out of programs that you are not currently using.

  • If your screen is full of windows, the processor on your laptop is likely working harder than it needs to be and draining battery power quickly to keep up with all those apps.
  • Close out of all other programs when you are done using them.


We hope these tips have helped you learn how to extend the life of your phone repair and laptop battery. If you need more information about how to get the most out of your portable device, you can also check the services of SD Cell Plus in Murfreesboro.


Why is my laptop battery draining so fast?

Several factors determine the battery life of a laptop.

  • The type of battery
  • How many times do you charge the battery (to full capacity) and discharge it (from 100% to 0%)
  • How long does each charge last