Thinking of hotels in the Netherlands? Go for Bunk Hotel Amsterdam.

Looking for Rich in Culture Travel?

Once in a while, we can go on a trip to blow off the usual. What could be a better way to take some time off and plan a trip to Amsterdam?

It is known for its elaborative canals, art, grace, and rich culture and history, making it overwhelming to pay a visit.

Plan and explore, dwell in the folklore-

Beautiful Day with birds chirping, on a ferry about to reach Amsterdam North, carrying the soothing sound of water and fresh air around, the voice of the passerby, the aroma of coffee and freshly baked bread (it already makes me pack my bag), pay attention to what the city has to offer and let it sink in. The perfect hotel to stay at is still in question, which reminds me of what I wanted to share all this while.

Hotels in Amsterdam

Hocus Pocus part of planning a trip is choosing a place to stay. One of the tough portions of the itinerary, right? Mostly, we end up choosing a luxurious hotel with a sophisticated environment, which is beautiful in its own way, but this makes us feel empty about the idea of a fun trip. That’s when the Bunk hotel in Amsterdam comes into view.

A church converted to a bunk hotel, as different as it sounds, as unique as it is to experience. The Saint Rita Church is now an amusing bunk to stay at, covering 106 rooms with 50 private pods and 8 communal areas. The capacity of guests is 296. If I speak religiously, the vibe of a temple never fades or dies. The positivity one feels while being at such a place is calming and welcoming, and the peace one might feel just by being there really impacts our aura of feelings and senses.

What Bunk Hotel in Amsterdam has to offer?

A bunk pod or bunk room, both are epic in their own right. A bunk pod is a budget-friendly as well as a comfortable experience; it is cosy in size but functional for storing essentials. Also, a blackout curtain to shut out the availability, a locker to keep stuff, one can set the LED lights according to their mood with a shared luxurious washroom that offers organic soap and shampoo, and fresh towels to use. Furthermore, the bunk pods or rooms are gender neutral, so we can keep what they? Will they think this isn’t the coolest of trips? But with a hostel vibe and a hotel-like experience? Simply wow.

Bunk rooms provide a room like a facility, though in the matter of size, it is a bit cosy but very much comfortable and everything is at arm’s length. Amenities do change a bit from that of a pod. Either way, it is breathtaking.

Food and drinks are the showstopper.

One of the most loved areas is where food is served; that sizzling smoke of delicious food being cooked, the refreshing mint smell from freshly made mocktails, alcohol brews on the side, and an inviting area to just sit and have a spoonful. They offer what’s recognizable, sustainable, and affordable with the right amount of flavours adapted from locals to keep the authenticity of food intact and also for the people who are conscious of what happens to leftovers well! They had it covered from every nook and cranny of such occurrences.

Their conscience for their guests is more conscious than for themselves when it comes to serving what’s right. At breakfast, they serve some healthy bites. Yes, hangover cures too, and for those who miss out on breakfast, no worries, they keep brunch options too on the lunch menu. How effortless it is for us.

They brew their own vodka, beer, genever, and gin. Now this is something to drool over. They also offer an exotic list of craft beers, organic wines, or juicy alternatives. At the Bunk hotel in Amsterdam, never stops to seize the day.

Communal areas and events to cherish, eat or drink the way you feel puckish.

From the friendliest environment of communal areas to mesmerising events in the house, it is drooling-worthy all over again. Socializing is real fun and valuable if done right. Many of us get it through social media, but the traditional way to connect and bond is plausible and the way one can unite at communal areas with high energy is just the cherry on top of the cake. Events from artists-in-residence are too raw to take in every bit of the presentation. Taking a walk around all this time can leave you in amusement again, as one notices the beauty of the church and architecture, which is all the more overwhelming.

From shopping tips to a trip to the city on a bicycle, they come in handy and are as helpful as they can be. The Hotel in Amsterdam will do just perfectly.