The Month Of Shawwal 2022: Meaning, Importance, And Umrah Al-Tamattu

The Month Of Shawwal 2022: Meaning, Importance, And Umrah Al-Tamattu 

Month of Shawwal 2022 is the tenth month in the Islamic Calendar that follows the holy month of Ramadan. It is an important month in which Muslims keep a six-day fast just after the prolonged fasting of Ramadan. The additional six days fast equals the virtues of fasting throughout the year. The fast provides great benefits and rewards as the person keeping the fast can seek forgiveness for the sins they have committed in the past.  

Meaning of Shawwal  

The literal meaning of Shawwal can be understood from the Arabic word Sawaal which means ‘raised.’ The inspirations of the word come from the camels who carried or raised their young ones during the month. Though the month today does not fall in the same season as it did in the initial days of Islam, it still carries the same significance.  

Importance of Shawwal month?  

Shawwal is the month in which one can ask forgiveness from the almighty Allah and amend the sins committed in the past. As mentioned, one can make up for the mistakes during Ramadan fasting. However, it doesn’t mean that one can keep fasts for missed fasts in Ramadan, for that one will have to do either Karrafah or Fidya. While keeping Shawwal fast, one must note that they can’t fast just after Ramadan as Eid ul-Fitr falls on the 1st day of Month of Shawwal. Fasting is prohibited on Eid ul-Fitr. Therefore, one can only fast for six days after Eid ul-Fitr.  

Benefits of fasting in the month of Shawwal 2022 

As per a hadith in Sahih Muslims, the Prophet (PBUH) said: 

“Whoever fasts in the month of Ramadan and then follows it with six days of fasting in the month of Shawwal, it will be as if he fasted for the entire year.” 

The benefits of fasting in Shawwal are as follows:  

  • The blessings of consecutively fasting for six days of Shawwal will equate to the benefits received by fasting for the complete year. 
  • It compensates for the deficiency left behind and the mistake done during Ramadan fasting.  
  • Fasting in itself is a great virtue signifying the intention to stay on the path shown by Allah. Therefore, Shawwal’s fasting assists a person in seeking guidance from the one true God to remain religious and away from sins.  
  • Fasting is an act of goodness; hence, doing good deeds rewards the strength to perform more good deeds. This is why Shawwal fasting is a sign that the almighty Allah has accepted Ramadan fasts.  

What should be done during the month of Shawwal 2022? 

You must be thinking about the things that should be done during the month of Shawwal. Here are the list of things to consider.

Fasting is one aspect of Shawwal for earning Allah’s gifts. There are many other ways to utilize Shawwal to its fullest. One can continue to perform Ramadan’s good deeds in Shawwal and beyond. Muslims can engage in charitable acts by sharing what they have in plenty with the needful and poor. They can pray to the almighty Allah and recite various verses from the holy book of the Quran. Committing intentional sins, smoking, drinking, or involving in any mischievous activities can be avoided in Shawwal and months to come. People can spend time with friends and family and keep the ritual of eating food together intact after Ramadan. Shawwal can be used to show gratitude to the almighty Allah for his gifts bestowed upon humans.  

Umrah in Shawwal  

There are two types of Umrah popularly known as Umrah al-Tamattu and Umrah al-Mufradah. Umrah al-mufradah can be done at any time of the year, leaving the time of Hajj. While during Shawwal, the Umrah al-Tamattu is performed. However, one should be aware of certain conditions that they must fulfill to perform Umrah in the month of Shawwal. The first is that only the adult Muslim who is financially capable of performing umrah al-Tammattu should perform the journey. The second is that women should have a Mahram to embark on the pilgrimage.  

Facts about Shawwal 

  • Shawwal is the month in which the Battle of Uhud was fought 
  • It is the month in which the Battle of Hunayn took place   
  • The battle of Uhud was fought in Shawwal. 
  • Al Baqi was destroyed in 1926 by the Ned Sultanate in the month of Shawwal.  

Eid ul-Fitr (1st day of Shawwal) 

Eid ul-Fitr is an annual Muslim festival celebrated on the 1st day of the 10th month in the Islamic Calendar. It marks the end of Ramadan when people organize community and family feasts. Eid is the festival of showing gratitude to Allah and spreading peace and brotherhood. Muslims worldwide celebrate the festival by offering prayer in a congregation and then meeting friends and family with open arms. It is also the time to share what a person has in plenty with the community. Sweet dishes and delicious food are shared in the family and donated to the poor.  

Shawwal is a significant month that starts with the end of Ramadan and with the celebration of Eid ul-Fitr. The month can be used to benefit from six days of fasting for greater rewards. 

The Month Of Shawwal 2022: Meaning, Importance, And Umrah Al-Tamattu 

The month of Shawwal is the 10th month of the Islamic calendar. It is the month that follows Ramadan, the ninth month, during which Muslims fast from dawn until sunset. The word “shawwal” means to “take leave”, “depart”, or “to leave”. The Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, so the month of Shawwal begins when the first sliver of the new moon is seen. The name of the month is mentioned in the Quran, so Muslims celebrate the new month by making special prayers to Allah. 

The month of Shawwal is considered as one of the important months and it’s a great time to strengthen your faith.  

Each months in islam has its own significance and has some benefits to offer. Hence we should pay attention towards its importance and do the things to make most of it.