Sydney art

The 2022 trends in Sydney art

As the art world has evolved, so has its audience. The rise of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook means that artists can reach more people with their works than ever before. This also means that in Sydney art buyers have become more discerning about which pieces they choose to purchase, as they look for pieces that express an idea or feeling rather than simply being beautiful objects themselves.

The historical underpinnings

The popularity of contemporary figurative and realist painting is continuing. This movement emerged in the 1800s, with figures such as Turner and Constable making the style known to a wide audience. In this period, artists used their eyes to capture the world around them on canvas. The movement was seen as an improvement in literary art that had previously been popular during that period. The style continued through World War 2 until it gained traction in the 1950s.

Resurgence of taboo ideas

If you’ve been following the world of Sydney art, you’ll notice that feminism is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. The intersection of feminism and ethnic issues is also enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

One example of this intersection is an artist named Sophia Marzocchi, who paints portraits of women from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Her paintings often feature clothing from around the world.

Another example would be an artist named José Montes de Oca, who uses his experiences as a Mexican immigrant growing up on the US-Mexico border to create politically charged works exploring migration issues and racial politics.

De-gendered human dynamics

Artists and patrons are exploring all the things that reflect the changing role of women, men, and children, or artwork that reflects the changing role of families in society.

Issues surrounding Sino-Western cultures

As the world continues to change around us, it’s important to understand that there are multiple perspectives on everything. This is particularly true in art, where artists choose to explore issues surrounding authority, women’s rights and not-so-fabled cultures around the world.

Unselfconscious simplicity in artworks

The unselfconscious artworks of the past have often had a raw, uncomplicated quality. Today’s artists are looking to reflect this same simplicity in their work.

One example is the growing popularity of minimalism and abstract art among younger artists. More people are creating artwork that looks like a collection of shapes or scribbles rather than something with deeper meaning or purpose.

Exploring minimalism

It is a style of art characterised by a sense of simplicity and emptiness. It is often abstract but can also be representational. Minimalist art can be created by artists working in various media, including painting, sculpture and photography. Minimalist compositions are often quite complex despite their apparent simplicity as they may use bright colours or simple shapes to convey strong emotions like happiness or sadness.

Relationship between formalism, abstraction and minimalism

One topic that has emerged from modern art is the relationship between formalism, abstraction and minimalism, which many people enjoy in the Sydney area. There are some trends in this area of aesthetic expression. These include:

  • A movement towards a more subtle use of colour to create a sense of depth or a feeling of volume.
  • Some artists are experimenting with incorporating elements from earlier art periods into their work; for example, Picasso’s use of Cubist forms or Pollock’s incorporation of abstract expressionism into his paintings.


These trends are just some of the many things happening in Sydney’s art scene. These trends will continue to be seen throughout 2022, popular with the public, critics and collectors. They’re also very popular with art galleries because of their innovative approach to some of the world’s most recognisable artists. And finally, these trends are so in demand that even individual artists use them in their work.