Straw Cowboy Hats: Some Easy Care & Maintenance Tips

Hats are very much back in fashion and are an essential style and fashion accessory. Many of you are hat lovers and are in the habit of buying classy hats now and then to match your outfits, mood, or personality. Many of you have a passion for hats, and there must be an impressive assortment of hats in your wardrobe. 

Cowboy hats are iconic classic hats that seem to have perennial charm and elegance. These hats never fail to impress you. Cowboy straw hats are popular, thanks to their comfort quotient. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and they complement casual clothes. They look chic and cool on a hot summer day. According to Cosmopolitan, without a hat, your look seems incomplete. You should wear a hat to ensure a complete look. A hat is essential like a bow on a gift or salt present on the rim of a glass of cold margarita. 

Most fashionable contemporary men and women have cowboy straw hats in their closets. These staple accessories for summer outings, beach parties, picnics, etc. are known for comfort and breathability. These straw hats qualify to be the perfect summer hats. Straw hats are used on several occasions as they are cool and comfy. Because of frequent use, your straw hats may get stained or dirty. However, there is no reason to lose hope. We will share tips to clean your beloved straw hats and maintain them in pristine condition. 

Always Handle With Tender Loving Care

If you are in the habit of using your straw cowboy hat frequently, you may observe that your hat is gradually losing its original shape. It could be because of the way you are holding or handling it. While holding your straw hat, it is best to hold it by the wings only. Avoid pinching the crown or grabbing the hat from its front. The straw will get damaged and start breaking over time.

You may use an iron to straighten the brim of your hat or even smoothen out the creases or marks. However, before doing that, you should consider inspecting the instruction labels to see if ironing is allowed on your hat. Remember to see the recommended temperature settings for ensuring that the delicate fibers of your straw hat are not burnt. A high-quality straw hat may get damaged due to carelessness. While ironing your straw hat, it is best to ensure that all straw threads are straightened using your fingers.

Cowboy Straw Hat Cleaning Process

Using a washing machine is not the right solution for cleaning your sweaty and grimy cowboy straw hat. It is the best technique, while cleaning your straw hats is averting extra moisture for preserving the original shape. Let us explore some effective straw hat care and maintenance tips.

Remember to Avoid Water

Straw cowboy hats are best for protecting you from the harsh sun. They are not capable of safeguarding you from the rain. If your straw hat gets wet, it may culminate in unwelcome consequences. Your straw hat may swell up and lose its original shape. In the worst-case scenario, your straw hat may start rotting because of excessive moisture.

Focus on Deep Cleaning

If you are thinking of getting your straw hat to undergo a deep cleaning process, it is best to use a premium or top-end straw hat cleaning solution. You may combine water and hydrogen peroxide in equal proportions. You may alternatively use a high-quality glass cleaner. Your intention is not to get your hat soaked in water or any other solution. You may apply the cleaner by using an effective misty sprayer. Then focus on wiping the hat’s surface well with a clean cloth.

Spot Cleaning Is Essential

Usually, a good quality non-liquid cleaner may be used for cleaning the spots and stains. If you find any scrapes or grazes on your straw hat, you may consider using a gum eraser and wiping the hat surface gently. You may consider using some talcum powder or corn starch for absorbing the stains.


The hatband and the sweatband are made of cloth or leather and not straw. These bands often look dirty and need to be cleaned thoroughly using a detergent and water solution. Use a small cloth, dip it into this detergent solution and squeeze out the detergent solution quickly. Use this cloth to rub against the stains until they disappear. It is best to turn your straw hat upside down for resting the hat on its crown. Always remember to store your straw hat in a dry and cool place. Straw hats should not be stored in a wet or humid place. The damp environment may end up causing mold or rot. Avoid putting your straw hats in plastic or polythene bags because it may trigger the growth of mildew and discoloration. Many hat owners have a passion for buying new hats, but they are often not bothered about taking proper care. Follow all the tips discussed above for proper straw hat cleaning and maintenance.