Orbi Firmware

Step By Step Guide to Fix Orbi Firmware Update Failed Issue

Updating the firmware on networking devices is essential. So is updating the Netgear Orbi whole-home WiFi mesh system. If you are failing to update Orbi firmware then you are not alone. Many users get messed up while updating their Orbi devices. It is, however, easy to fix the issue. There are some common reasons why users fail and thus some general troubleshooting hacks work like charm in getting the problem resolved. You will find the entire info in this very guide. Thus keep reading further.

Why Can’t I Update Orbi?

First of all, know about the reasons why it is happening. There are some possible causes that stop the firmware from getting updated on the Netgear Orbi system.

  1. The power supply to the Netgear Orbi is not stable
  2. The connection between the devices is not secure
  3. Internet is slow
  4. You have downloaded the wrong firmware file
  5. The firmware update process got interrupted
  6. You are not following the correct steps to update your Orbi
  7. Technical glitches are stopping you from executing the task

How to Fix Orbi Firmware Update Failed Issue?

Before you begin with the troubleshooting part, try rebooting your Orbi once. Perhaps your Orbi is updated but the latest version is not reflected in the settings. Rebooting can help here. Power it off and disconnect from the power source and connect it after some time and turn it on. Once it is rebooted, check the firmware version installed on it. Is your Orbi still running on the older version? The firmware is not updated yet. Let’s look into the issue and fix it now.

Fix the Power Supply – Before you again try to update your Netgear Orbi, we want you to see if the power supply to the Orbi is adequate or not. You can accomplish this task by checking the power socket that is used to supply power to the Orbi. It should be damage free and well working. Plus the power cable should not be loose. Use a UPS if you feel the need to do so. There ought to be no power fluctuations.

Check the Connections – The Orbi router and the modem should be connected properly so that you can update the firmware on your Orbi smoothly. Whether you have connected the devices using an Ethernet cable or a wireless connection, the connection should be solid. Take a good look at the connection between the two devices and make the necessary changes.

Test Internet Speed – If the internet connection is slow then also you may face issues while updating your Orbi. We want you to do an internet speed test on your browser. If you find anything wrong then contact your ISP to ensure everything is fine from his end. If needed upgrade the internet plan that you are currently using. Make certain that the internet speeds are good so that you can easily update your device.

Download the Correct Firmware File – While you are manually updating the Netgear Orbi system, you first need to download the firmware file on your PC. The firmware file varies for different Orbi models. In case you have downloaded the wrong firmware and are trying to update it on your Orbi then this is the reason why the update is not happening. Therefore, download the firmware file again on your PC keeping in mind the Orbi model that you own. Installing the wrong file can cause firmware corruption on the device and you may need to reset Orbi. So be careful this time.

Wrap Up

We are sure that this time you will not fail in updating your Netgear Orbi. Keep in mind that while the firmware is getting updated, you must not do any other activity online like playing games or opening a new tab. Just remain on the same page and you will not face any issues.