Simple Troubleshooting Guide for You AC

Nowadays one of the most essential items to have in every house is the air conditioner. Having an aircon could help to keep your home cool and comfortable, especially during the summer. An air conditioner is not only providing you with comfort, but it also has lots of health-related benefits. Many people are hospitalized every year due to heat-related illnesses, you certainly do not want this to happen to you. So make sure to always prepare your air conditioner in top condition by always having it regularly checked-up by a professional.

But sometimes, just like in your life, your air conditioner might stumble a little and decide to test your patience by not cooling the house in the sweltering summer heat. You have called the professional to come to your home and investigate what happened. But apparently, it can take days before the professional can make a run to your house.

What can you do? Well, aside from panicking, there are many troubleshooting tips that you can do, so you can check what is the problem before making a call to the professional. If your air conditioner is running but cold air is not coming out, it probably happened because the filters and air vents are clogged with debris. Your air conditioner probably only needs a simple fix and you just need to know where to look to find the problem.

Here are some troubleshooting guides to follow, so that you can get your air conditioner running properly again!

Check the thermostat

Sometimes your air conditioner just needs a thermostat to be set properly. Your air conditioner might not work just because the thermostat is set incorrectly. If you have an air conditioner that has a double use, for cooling and heating, you might forget to set the switch back to cooling when the season changes.

Or if you have not changed the batteries of the thermostat in a long time, your air conditioner problem could probably happen because the thermostat cannot communicate with your air conditioner. You can see whether your thermostat looks blank or the battery indicator flashes. Do a double-check of this before assuming that your air conditioner is broken.


If your air conditioner filters get too dirty, it could result in the air not flowing properly. This could cause your air conditioner to not work efficiently, or sometimes at all. Dirt, debris, and dust can block the intake and make your air conditioner need to work harder to get it to cool. If your filter looks dirty, you can try replacing it and giving time to your tuning before turning the air conditioner back on. Make sure to change your air conditioner filter regularly to avoid this common problem.

Electrical Problem

You can also check your circuit breaker to find out whether electrical issues are the reason why your air conditioner is having an issue. Look for the breaker which is marked as “AC” or something similar. If the circuit breaker connected to your aircon unit has been tripped, then you will need to reset it.  You can just simply flip it off and on again. If you can hear your air conditioner machine back on, you might already be fixed the issue.

Check the air vents

Same as a filter, you need to also check whether your air ducts and vents are free from any debris. If they are dirty, it will also affect the airflow. You can try to clean your air vents before turning your air conditioner back on. But the aid ducts (which you cannot see because located inside the machine), might be bested with mold or vermin, thus preventing your air conditioner from working properly.

These are something that you can try to do to troubleshoot your air conditioner. But if these guides cannot help you to get your air conditioner back on, then you might have to wait for help from a professional. The problem could probably run deep and require more investigation. There are several notices that your air conditioner might show you, which indicate something serious happened.

  1. AC Light blinking

If your unit light keeps blinking, that means that your refrigerant levels may be low. This is a common issue that needs professionals to handle. Refrigerant is necessary to make sure that your air conditioner is working properly to cool your space.

  1. Strange Noises Coming From Your AC:

You probably notice that your air conditioner is having a weird sound. It could be like clanging or other unfamiliar noises. If you heard this from your aircon or vents then it means your air conditioner has some serious problem. This is something that only the professional can fix.

  1. Improperly installed

If you just get your unit installed, then there might be something wrong with the installation. You should call a professional to reinstall it, or most companies also offer a warranty period –so it’s best for you to contact them immediately.