Renting a Car in Miami? Here are some Important Things to Know

If you are planning to rent a luxury car in Florida, exotic Miami rentals can be traced down quite easily, provided you have spent some time on research. A simple online search and some quizzing and querying should help in arriving at great deals that spell luxury and comfort. If you are booking luxury cars for your Miami holiday for the first time, here are some facts to be aware of. 

When should you Book Your Car?

If you are flying in, renting a car right at the airport is convenient. That way you will be saved from the hassle of booking a public transit to your hotel or booking a cab, which may be expensive depending on your destination. If your plan is to travel to another city, like South Florida for instance, booking a self–drive cab is perhaps a necessity. And you need one right at the airport because traveling to another destination just to pick your vehicle up makes very little sense.  

If the plan is to explore Miami for a few days and then travel elsewhere, you can book your vehicle in Miami city. You can seek a drop-off at your hotel or somewhere close by to avoid spending on expensive taxis. Irrespective of where you pick up your vehicle, getting to know a few more facts will help. 

Which Car to Opt for?

When it comes to luxury cars, looking for “exotic car rentals near me” with an impressive fleet, is wise. Your choice of vehicle will depend on some basic facts like the itinerary of your holiday, the number of people traveling with you and so on. Rentals can cost a great deal more if you need to fit more people in your car! So, selecting a proper-sized vehicle is wise. 

If speed thrills you, renting a Ferrari in Miami will make your dreams come true. Also, if the plan is to spend most of your time in the city, choose something that is compact in design and easy to maneuver and park. Lastly, pick from the manual or automatic transmission, whichever seems more convenient. You may ask for a tutorial from your service provider, if you feel a training session might help. 

Primary Norms for Driving in Miami

For driving on Miami roads, you will need to be above 21 years old, with a valid driving license. If you are below 25, your service provider may still charge an additional fee from you. You also need a credit card for renting a car here. Make sure you carry the card you used while booking, for necessary verification. Even though you might wish to use another card for making future payments, you will still need to carry the one you used while the initial booking. Also, if you are an international traveler, you will also need to produce your passport and tickets for verification. 
Remember, whether you have opted for an exotic car rental in Coral Springs, FL or from any other city in Florida, comprehensive rental insurance for the car you hire, is must!