Rebranding: Finding the Right Fit for Your Agency

Have you finally decided to rebrand your business? Well, this sounds like a good idea. However, there are a lot of factors that go into rebranding. Have you considered them yet? 

Rebranding is one of the most valuable things that a company can do. Conducting a corporate rebrand in the right way creates long-term value for the business. Therefore, it is essential to ensure everything is sorted out before taking the mega step. 

The first thing to remember is to acknowledge the difference between corporate rebranding and product branding. In this article, we are going to focus on the latter. As we said initially, corporate rebranding is a long-term plan; therefore, you have to take it as an investment in your business. 

Corporate rebranding does not give out immediate results. Nor is it a return to the investment or becomes a source of emergency success. However, if done right, corporate branding can act as a stimulator for revenue growth, and sales key performance indicators. Apart from that, it also works on company valuation and helps recruit the best talent. 

Following are someone quick tips to ensure the proper corporate branding for a better business. 

Look beyond the hype

Since you are part of the business world, you likely have heard ‘triple-bidding.’ You have to go a little deeper than that regarding corporate branding. Most branding agencies are good with presentations. However, you have to be sure that you do some research on the agency stories yourself. You can ask a former client about the agency and how well it performs.

Also, when you are into cross-referencing, ask a design-oriented question to the former client. For example, ask about who did the editing, research, or worked on the color treatment from the team. This will help you choose the best talent from the agency to work on your rebranding.

To stay connected with the former client and the potential agency you want to work with, you must focus on your communication tools. With an average internet service at your disposal, you cannot aim for hardcore research, cross-referencing, or maintain communication with the team. Therefore, you have to find the best internet providers. Here, you do not need to go deep into research. Instead, invest in reliable names like Windstream Kinect, which offers unmatched internet service to its subscribers.

Talk to your CEO

Without executive buy-in, most agencies do not entertain a rebranding proposal. The rebranding is not an easy task or a matter of common concern. Therefore, before you find the best agency to rebrand the business, you have to make sure the CEO is on the same page as you.

Corporate branding is about values and not finding any glossy cover for an old stale start. If you want the branding to be rich and authentic, then you have to make sure the CEO is on-board.

The questions

Here are some essential questions to ask when choosing an agency for the project:

What does your discovery process look like?

The way an agency conducts the brand immersion phase or discovery represents the output of success.

Who is working on my project?

Agencies are known for talking big games and lacking in delivery. Therefore, before an agency starts working on your project, ask for particular deliverables.

Key Takeaways

Recruiting an agency for your next branding project is not quite challenging. However, you must be good with communication and interrogation. Lastly, you need to brush up on your research skills.