Proxies in the Competitor Analysis And Market Research

Role of Rotating Proxies in the Competitor Analysis And Market Research

In today’s digital world, businesses use the latest technology to win the competition. From competitor analysis to making top-notch marketing strategies, they deal with everything. However, doing all this manually takes days. There are also chances that the manually collected information may have flaws. 

Also, improper data collection can cost you your business. That’s where web scraping helps you. You can collect all the crucial data related to your target market within seconds. The data includes your customer information and your competitors’ strategies. Check various marketing strategies for businesses.

You need proxies for efficient web scraping. This saves you from data restriction and helps you in data collection anonymously. Although there are multiple proxies available, a rotating proxy is the best. 

This article will focus on how using rotating proxies in market research is helpful. You will also learn about the benefits of using proxies in the competitor analysis. So, let’s dig further!

What is a Rotating Proxy?

Typically all proxies work the same. They act as a pathway between the user and the internet. You can visit restricted sites using them. However, proxies have at least one feature that makes them different. If you are using a residential proxy, you can easily access websites in your region. For example, using Australian proxies enables you to scrape data in any city in Australia.

Rotating proxies are different from residential ones. A rotating proxy frees you from the hustle of setting your rotation infrastructure. Every time you make a request using a rotating proxy, you get a new IP address. It ensures that the target website doesn’t pinpoint your activity. You can quickly bypass all the data restrictions with a rotating proxy. 

Even if your one IP gets blocked, you can reach the site again with a new IP. So, there will be no interruption in your data scraping process. 

Rotating Proxies in Market Research and Competitors Analysis

Market research means the collection of your target audience’s data. Check their interests and what content they want. OrganizeOrganize and generate data accordingly. You also need to observe your competitors’ strategies. All this helps you in going ahead of your competitors. However, these things are impossible without proxies. Here’s how rotating proxies help in market research:

A pool of IP Addresses

Being a marketer, you may have to visit a website several times a day. The purpose of visiting can be anything, from data collection to competitor analysis. If the website owner tracks the website, he will consider your activity suspicious. Also, learn what is an IPs.

There are high chances that your IP address will get blocked. Especially if you are using a company’s IP address. That’s where you should use rotating proxies. A rotating proxy gives you a different IP address every time you make a request. 

So, the website owner doesn’t identify your IP address. In this way, your identity isn’t revealed. You can continue to collect your competitors’ data without looking suspicious. Isn’t it impressive?

Helps in Price Comparison

Businesses are increasingly using advanced technology. Nowadays, multiple businesses are offering their products online. However, the more globalization, the more the difference in product prices. For instance, a product can be priced at 200$ in the US., 250$ in France, and 300$ in Asia. 

This difference in prices is due to the difference in regions and locations. Nevertheless, customers are always looking to buy products at the lowest available prices. So, they buy rotating proxies and check prices in all regions. Proxies in market research help you to check your competitors’ product prices. 

So, you can price the same product at a little lower price. This will boost your business growth as customers will buy more from you. You can also see competitors’ products list and make yours accordingly. 

Better Security and Efficient Performance

As most of the business dealings are online now, there’s a need for a better security system. Hackers and other elements are always looking for a way to get into your system. So, they can steal your important information. You may not know it, but sometimes your competitors hire hackers to get your information. 

Yes, that’s true. You are at risk if you are visiting competitors’ sites using the company’s official IP address. Rotating proxies save you from this trouble. The ever-changing IP addresses make it very difficult for hackers to identify you. Besides safety, rotating proxies enhance your network speed. So, you observe a fast and efficient performance. 

Excellent Conversion Rates

Competitor’s research is mandatory for your business SEO strategies. You should know about your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. Analyze where they lack so that you can fill that gap. Find what keywords they are using. Also, check how they are doing keyword research. Target your audience with relevant material.

However, all this isn’t possible without crawling on their website. You have to visit their websites multiple times to gather data. So to avoid getting in their eyes, use rotating proxies. The rotating proxy helps you in competitors’ analysis and generates huge revenue. Once you provide more efficient services than your rivals, your business will grow. Your conversion rate will also increase.

Residential and DataCenter Rotating Proxies

Although various factors classify proxies. The most common classification of rotating proxies is into DataCenter and Residential proxies. Here’s a detailed insight on both of these:

Rotating Datacenter Proxies

As the name suggests, datacenter proxies can store massive data. You can store as well as share data using datacenter proxies. Practically, data centers are a collection of huge interconnected computer networks. Their combined storage is also vast, with an efficient running system. 

For getting proxies, you first need to create a virtual server. Then install an operating system, followed by specialization software to set up IPs. These IPs work as proxies. Find the accurate balance of IPs and servers for efficient running datacenters proxies. 

A single server can hold multiple IPs, but these proxies can increase the overall load. At some point, your system may start working. So, you need to create another virtual server and start work again. You don’t get these IPs from Internet Service Providers. Instead, you have to deal with data center owners. 

They provide you with space to start your server and store data. The IPs and servers are a lot of work. So, if you don’t want to spend massive amounts, you can rent these proxies. 


  • Rotating datacenter proxies are inexpensive compared to rotating residential proxies. 
  • They have efficient speed. So, you can store maximum data in a minimum time.
  • Their infrastructure is robust. That means no compromise on your privacy.
  • You can easily buy or rent it from any server firm or datacenter.


  • Data Centers are fewer in number in different countries. So, making a pool of proxies and IPs is difficult. 

Rotating Residential Proxies

Residential IPs are the most used method. These residential IPs mean all the actual devices connected to a web. This connection is through an Internet Service Provider. The set-up of rotating datacenter proxies is different from residential proxies. The datacenter proxies take CS information and money to set up. 

While the setting up of rotating residential proxies is very challenging. For an efficient working residential proxy, you need to convince people. So that they can allow you to install it on their devices. This helps you in being connected to these devices from a distance. Besides, the system should constantly be running as the proxy can behave unstably.


  • Internet Service Providers back these IPs. So, they look like regular traffic instead of looking suspicious. It makes surfing easy, and scrapers don’t detect your activity.
  • You get a different IP every time. That means, if one gets blocked, you can use others.
  • You can create an IP or proxy pool easily. Also, these proxies allow you to access geo-restricted content.


  • They are costly.
  • The operating speed is different for each IP. Some may experience it at a little slower speed.

Are Rotating Proxies Worth it?

Whether using a costly rotating residential proxy or a datacenter one, it can cost you some bucks. However, there’s no other tool that lends you support, like proxies in market research. Especially if you are running a specific project, proxies become irreplaceable. 

You can efficiently do web scraping. In web scraping, you are making millions of requests within a short time. So, you can get blocked before collecting the desired data. Rotating proxies save you from this and help you in quick data collection. You get changing IP addresses that make you undetectable.

If you need suggestions, residential proxies in the competitor analysis are better. You can use rotating residential IPs for vigorous and tense tasks. Also, if you want to excel among your competitors, proxies are mandatory.


Market research is necessary to keep a check on your competitors. You also get to know about your customer’s needs and demands. Web scraping helps in efficient market research. However, you cannot do web scraping without rotating proxies. You need proxies in market research and proxies in the competitor analysis. We hope this article gives you helpful information on rotating proxies.