Pixelbook Go is ready to go when you are

A Pixelbook isn’t the only Chrome OS laptop with a detachable keyboard, but it’s one of the best available, and now that there’s also the Chromebook Flip and an update to the Chromebook Pro, there are plenty of options if you’re looking to get a Chrome OS laptop that looks more like your traditional laptop PC than what you might normally associate with Chrome OS laptops. But while they all have their differences, the biggest difference between them can be summed up in one word: battery life.

A Chromebook with full power

With our newly-launched Google Pixelbook 12in, we showed how a Chromebook can be built for productivity and designed for speed. Now, with Pixelbook Go, we’re showing that a lightweight laptop can also be fast and powerful—the perfect companion for mobile work. With up to 12 hours of battery life on a single charge, it’s ready to go when you are. And because it runs Chrome OS, everything from your files to your apps and extensions will follow you wherever you work (or play). After all: what good is going somewhere if all your stuff stays at home?

Google Assistant built in

Assistant helps bring everything together, answering your questions and bringing information to life. You can have a conversation with Assistant on Pixel 3, just say Hey Google or press and hold down your Pixel Buds’ button. There are more than 5 million actions available on Google Assistant today—and we’re adding more every day. And it doesn’t matter which device you use for Hey Google, it will be there for you no matter what device you ask from: your TV, phone, laptop, headphones—even if they don’t have Ok Google built in!

An entertainment powerhouse

With an 8th Gen Intel® CoreTM processor, dual speakers with HDR playback and a stylus for drawing and taking notes, Pixelbook is ready for entertainment wherever you are. And with up to 12 hours of battery life1, it’s easy to stay unplugged all day. Now you can watch your favorite shows anywhere, anytime—and move on when they’re over without having to wait around for your laptop charge. 2 Get more done on Google Drive: The Pixelbook Pen has a dedicated button that launches Google Assistant right from your screen so you can search, draw and take notes3 in any app—just like using your voice.

Wherever you want it to be

As thin and light as a smartphone, with all-day battery life, powerful performance and an optional Pixel Pen to take notes, streamline your work or doodle—all with just a click. Plus, quick-charging technology gets it up and running in minutes. Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, enjoy an instant boost anytime with Pixelbook Go. Whether you’re using it in tablet mode to watch movies on YouTube or ebooks on Google Play Books while cooking breakfast in the kitchen; tent mode while lounging in bed; laptop mode while working from your favorite cafe—there’s always a way for your Pixelbook to fit into what makes sense for what you want and need right now.